DST Lateral Locks – sway bar shifting no more

DST Lateral Locks

DST Lateral Locks

Sway Bar Shifting: It’s a real thing

When you take corners, the sway bar will shift laterally. That’s not even a question. Lateral locks are installed just next to the sway bar mount to prevent excess lateral shifting. DST’s DLL Lateral Locks are an easy DIY upgrade that takes just minutes, but saves you so much more in sway bar performance. But why just take our word for it…

 DST Lateral Locks sway bar shifting no more

No More Shifting

After spending all the time and money tuning your suspension, it’s such a drag (pun not intended) when your sway bar can’t keep up with the performance of the rest of your chassis parts. New sway bar bushings and endlinks are awesome, but sometimes even those upgrades aren’t enough. Well look no further, the solution to your sway bar shifting is here: DST Lateral Locks.

DST Lateral Locks sway bar shifting no more

Take corners faster

Shifting in your sway bar decreases the efficiency of your sway bar set up. Your vehicle’s ability to take corners faster and keep your wheels on the ground is severely hindered when there is undesired movement in your sway bar. DST do-it-yourself Universal Sway Bar Lateral Locks prevent lateral movement or shifting in your sway bar. By installing locks less than a quarter of an inch from your existing sway bar mounts, you can prevent any unwanted movement in your sway bar.

DST Lateral Locks sway bar shifting no more

The Ultimate D-I-Y

Not only will DST’s Lateral Locks increase your sway bar efficiency, but with the prevention of unwanted movement, you can keep your sway bar from knocking or damaging other parts of your chassis. With several sizes available, these lateral locks are designed to fit any stock factory or aftermarket sway bar. This is a do-it-yourself product that is very simple to install. The lateral locks come in two half pieces that wrap of the sway bar, and are locked in place with the provided bolts and wrench. DST’s lateral locks will install right next to the existing sway bar bushing mount, so you will want to measure as close to this spot as possible. Using a digital caliper, or a crescent wrench and ruler, measure your sway bar diameter.

So D-I-Y its not even funny

How easy are these to install you ask? DST’s lateral locks are the ultimate do-it-yourself suspension part. In just a few short minutes you can upgrade your sway bar and suspension set up. All you have to do is locate your sway bar mounts, tighten a couple of screws and head to the track. Here is a quick overview of this simple process.

DST Lateral Locks
DST Lateral Locks
DST Lateral Locks
DST Lateral Locks


    1. Profile photo of Chelsea BakerChelsea Baker

      Great question Tammy!

      While the sway bar brackets help keep the sway bar mounted to the vehicle, they won’t prevent the sway bar from shifting laterally. Any shifting will decrease the efficiency of your sway bar thus hindering the performance and potentially knocking and/or damaging other parts of your chassis. By installing these lateral locks, you can prevent that unwanted movement.

      Here is a great gif from the article that shows how the lateral lock works:

      DST Lateral Locks

    1. Profile photo of Josh DanielsJosh Daniels

      Hey Stephen,

      These lateral locks are great for keeping the sway bar in place and providing better handling during a turn, but they can’t defy the laws of physics.

      Raising the center of gravity of your truck by adding a camper is going to make it sway during a turn. It’s the same principal as standing in a canoe making you more unstable than if you’re sitting down. The shifting of your sway bar will be stopped by the locks, and that will provide more stability, but the added elevated mass of the camper is going to increase the body roll of your truck. So take it easy on those corners. And don’t stand up in any canoes.

      Has anyone noticed a difference in the tendency of a top-heavy load to sway after installing lateral locks? Please tell us about it!

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