• 11.10101 Steering Rack Bushings
  • 11.10101 Steering Rack Bushings
  • 11.10101 Steering Rack Bushings
  • 11.10101 Steering Rack Bushings

Steering Rack Bushings

Manufacturer: Energy Suspension
Part Number: 11.10101
Rating 258 Reviews


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Steering Rack Bushings - Mazda Miata MX5 - 11.10101

FitmentSteering Rack Bushings 11.10101 fits these vehicles:
  • 4 of 10P10063 - Driver Side Bushing
  • 2 of 15.10.520.39 - .875" x .500" x 1.480" Sleeve
  • 1 of 10P10064 - Passenger Side Bushing
  • 1 of Installation Instructions
  • Energy Suspension warrants its products against defects in workmanship and material for 24 months when used on passenger cars and light trucks. Products that have been abused, altered, or incorrectly installed are not covered. Energy Suspension will replace defective products or component parts, if inspection for factory personnel determines the part to be defective. Warranty replacement covers only the product. Labor claims, time loss, or freight charges will not be honored.

By installing these bushings you'll get the dependability and responsiveness you desire without the rattling sounds created by metal bushings, or the sloppy handling of the OE rubber.


Energy Suspension 11.10101

Unresponsive Miata?

While driving around in your Mazda Miata NC you notice it's starting to be a little unresponsive when taking corners. You may also hear some clunking coming from the front end after turning or going over a bump. These could be signs of failed steering rack bushings.


Fix Your Steering...

Your OE steering rack bushings are made of a soft rubber that stretches itself out over time and could crack and rot away. When this happens to your Miata it makes your steering dangerously sluggish and could leave your steering rack loose enough to bang into other parts, potentially increasing the damage you're dealing with.


... And Get Back On The Road!

This is Energy Suspension's 11.10101, a HyplerFlex polyurethane set of steering rack bushings made specifically for your 2006-2014 Mazda Miata NC. By installing these bushings you'll get the dependability and responsiveness you desire without the rattling sounds created by metal bushings, or the sloppy handling of the OE rubber. In addition, these polyurethane bushings will also hold up much longer than the old OE rubber, giving you the peace of mind that comes with a dependable ride.

Product Reviews for Energy Suspension Steering Rack Bushings

They perform and function just exactly like they were when installed.
5 out of 5 - Review 2 Years Later
Chip Brandt - . Energy Suspension 5.10102
My old steering rack bushings were cooked at about 200,000 miles on my 03 Tacoma. These were easy to install and made the truck drive like new instead of wondering all over the road. Two years later theyre holding up well.
5 out of 5 - Review 2 Years Later
Mark - . Energy Suspension 8.10103
The perfect upgrade for worn out bushings. Totally tightend up my steering rack for a better road feel on the steering. Also, great customer service, had some questions and were answered promptly and courtiously. That goes a long way for me.
5 out of 5 - Worked great!
Eddie Montoya - . Energy Suspension 8.10103
These are the only brand of steering rack bushings that fit properly in my 76 280Z. Get these and be assured your rack will be installed properly.
5 out of 5 - Excellent
Mark Lewis - . Energy Suspension 7.10102
Perfect fit and excellent quality parts. \nThe hardest part is pressing out the OEM bushings prior to installation of these replacements. I used a large C-clamp and some suitably sized pieces of pipe, but you can rent the right pressing tools cheaply from many Auto Parts stores.\n\nOnce thats accomplished, everything goes back together very easily.\n\nThe trick to installing the through bolt in the center bushing (the hardest one to reach, as it installs downwards, from above) is to install the other two then gradually tighten them, checking the fit of the center bolt as you do this, until it simply drops into place.\n\nExcellent product. Very happy. The only improvement I can think of would be more thorough instructions and the inclusion of torque specifications for tightening the fasteners.
5 out of 5 - Good
David Moore - . Energy Suspension 8.10104
This part is very time consuming to put on. Use as much lube as possible to wiggle this into the spot it needs to go. The steering barely feels different but its worth replacing to give you the piece of mind knowing its poly and when the old came out it crumbled in my hands. This one is much higher quality.
5 out of 5 - Review 2 Years Later
Grant Koebke - . Energy Suspension 7.10103
Purchased these for my Dakota which I use as a hunting rig. It gets used really rough and after 2 years they are still holding up. So well that I bought the same brand for my sway bar and it drives so nice and no squeaking that you get from some other bushings. These are all Ill use from here on out.
5 out of 5 - Awesome!
Eric - . Energy Suspension 5.10104
Very good product.
5 out of 5 - Review 1 Year Later
mike linton - . Energy Suspension 4.10101
Easy install, no squeaks and no problems for over a year.
5 out of 5 - Review 1 Year Later
Kevin Nelson - . Energy Suspension 8.10103
I bought these bushings after hearing nothing but rave reviews from Tacoma world. The install wasnt the most fun but these bushings sure made it worth it. Steering now feels showroom floor new on a 9 year old truck. Parts shipped within an hour of ordering and showed up super fast. I was able to install before a long trip and have put these parts through the ringer and have nothing but great things to say. I would absolutely order again.
5 out of 5 - Really impressed with these bushings
Alex Tubbs - . Energy Suspension 8.10106