15.6105 | Rear Coil Spring Isolator Set - Audi A3,Q3,TT and VW

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  • 15.6105 Rear Coil Spring Isolater Set
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Rear Coil Spring Isolater Set

Manufacturer: Energy Suspension
Part Number: 15.6105


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Price: $42.12

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FitmentRear Coil Spring Isolater Set 15.6105 fits these vehicles:

15.6105 | Rear Coil Spring Isolator Set - Audi A3,Q3,TT and VW

Rear Coil Spring Isolator
AUDI A3,Q3,TT + Volkswagen Models

When you go over a bump in your Volkswagen or Audi do you get a lot of noise from the back of your car? This could be caused by worn rubber isolators or spacers allowing the rear coil spring to "walk around" or shift in its seat. This can also cause some minor cosmetic changes in ride height or slight alignment changes.

Symptoms of worn down Coil Spring Isolators

  • Noise when turning or going over bumps
  • Changed ride height
  • More road vibrations in the cabin
coil spring isolators for volkswagen and audi
energy suspension rear coil spring isolators


Most of the weight of your car rests on the coil springs which are metal components designed to take the beating of holding all that weight as it bounces. But the stock coil spring isolators that sit at each end of the spring are made of rubber and that steel spring hammers them every time you go over a bump. You can guess that these isolators have a relatively short lifespan, but what if you could replace those isolators with a material that would still cushion those springs and not wear down nearly as fast as rubber?

Energy Suspension's Polyurethane coil spring isolators can replace worn stock isolators, restoring the ride height of your Volkswagen or Audi and dampening vibrations for much longer than rubber.

The Polyurethane Balance

Besides dampening vibrations polyurethane coil spring isolators will maintain the factory fresh ride height of your Audi or Volkswagen much longer than rubber since it will not wear down nearly as fast. This will help correct any cosmetic occurrences of mismatched wheel well gaps on your car. It is possible that worn isolators have slightly changed the alignment of your car and polyurethane coil spring isolators can also correct that problem.

The rubber isolators that come stock on your Volkswagen or Audi are intended to eliminate as much cabin vibration as possible even at the cost of durability and longevity. Besides wearing down with the regular movement of your springs other factors such as heat, road grime, and weather can break rubber down and accelerate the failure of your rear coil spring isolators. Polyurethane is unaffected by these elements and is backed up by our DST exclusive lifetime warranty.

polyurethane rear coil spring isolators for audi and volkswagen
Fitment for 15.6105

question_answer Customer Questions and Answers

Can I raise the height of the rear of my audi think it possible?
Thank you for contacting us regarding the coil spring isolators. These isolators are meant to be OEM replacements, ( original equipment ) these particular isolators are not meant to raise or lower your vehicle.

How much is part number 15.6105 going to raise my car once installed?
Part number 15.6105 is built to oem specs so they will not raise your vehicle.