Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale | Nov 25th - Dec 2nd

30% OFF Voodoo Kinetic Recovery Ropes*

Select the Diameter Rope that is Right for You:

Save big on one of the best recovery options on the market! Less jarring than a chain and with more potential recoveries than a strap, these ropes are designed with recovery in mind.

The special blend nylon rope reduces the initial 'hit' of a pull and produces less stress on the vehicle, giving it an advantage over chains. They also perform better than tow straps since as the rope stretches it actually creates more kinetic energy, which means more force applied to the vehicle being pulled, because Science. Besides all of the practical advantages of these recovery ropes, they also look really cool coiled up in a winch on the front of a Jeep or truck!

Whether you live in an area where vehicle recovery is a common occurance, or you keep picturing how that rope would look on your weekend wheeler, these VooDoo Kinetic Recovery Ropes are a bargain during this Black Friday Sale!

This sale ends after December 2nd so don't miss out on this deep discount on a premium recovery option!

*Some exclusions apply, Contact us for more details