A Shock to your Suspension

Pedders turns out some of the best Shocks, Struts, and Coil Springs in the business that will keep you running on rails.
pedders suspension shocks struts and coilovers

Mad Scientist Shocks

Pedders has been manufacturing shocks since the 1950s and they've become a staple in the Australian automotive world. In all that time they've been perfecting their shocks by making better and better valving systems that are the heart of a good shock absorber so you get the most responsive suspension and smoothest ride possible.


Meticulous Coil Production

Coil Springs are so much more than a metal spiral to Pedders. Each spring is individually manufactured and tested in their Australia facility using state of the art production methods like shot peening and scragging of the springs. The result is a coil spring of the highest quality for those who want the best body roll reduction and out-of-the-corner acceleration that a spring can offer.

Real. Suspension. Experts.


Trained Customer Support

Our people are trained by an auto tech teacher so we can understand and answer your questions and quickly find solutions to get your vehicle handling like you want.


ASE Certified Mechanic

If you need to talk to an ASE certified mechanic we have one right here on staff. Experience matters, and we have it, so you can feel confident when contacting us for support.


Real Phone Support

We won't leave you hanging. We talk with aftermarket parts manufacturers every day, so if we don't have the answer you need right away we WILL find it for you.


Real People

We are real folks in Texas, USA and we are proud of our company and our customer support. You'll never receive support that has been outsourced.

We make parts for the enthusiast driver that just happen to do extremely well on the race course.

- Pedders


Enthusiast Suspension Parts

Pedders doesn't just manufacture suspension parts for a vehicle. They go over a vehicle with a fine toothed comb looking for any weaknesses in the original suspension setup and engineer parts that will give the enthusiast a better handling ride. Pedders goal with their performance suspension parts is striking a balance between race car efficiency and OE civility, providing the opportunity for faster turns while maintaining ride quality. If you're looking for the best performance out of your car Pedders Shocks, Struts, Coil Springs, and other components offer a performance option without sacrificing your smooth ride.

pedders suspension parts for enthusiasts

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