VooDoo Kinetic Recovery Ropes

voodoo offroad kinetic recovery ropes

Whether you spend every weekend wheeling, or you just live in an area where terrain can get inhospitable quick, you might want to take a look at VooDoo Offroad Recovery Ropes. Kinetic recovery ropes are an alternative to towing straps that have a much longer lifespan and are very effective at getting trucks, Jeeps, and ATVs out of sticky situations.

A Kinetic tow rope is made to stretch during a pull and transfers more force into the pull while also reducing the shock during the initial hit of a recovery. The elasticity of kinetic recovery ropes gives the rescuing vehicle a lot of leeway with that first yank and actually enables more pulls over the life of the rope than most towing straps. If you find yourself having to pull your friends out of a jam on a regular basis then investing in a VooDoo kinetic recovery rope will save you money in the long run.

Part Image Rope Capacity Rope Diameter Rope Length Vehicle Type
1400003 Voodoo winch rope - 1400003 20,800 lb 3/8" 80 ft Jeep, Truck, SUV
1400001 Voodoo winch rope - 1400001 9,700 lb 1/4" 50 ft ATV, UTV
1300031 Voodoo winch rope - 1300031 11,700 lb 1/2" 16 ft ATV, UTV
1300030 Voodoo winch rope - 1300030 11,700 lb 1/2" 10 ft ATV, UTV
1300029 Voodoo winch rope - 1300029 11,700 lb 1/2" 20 ft ATV, UTV
1300027 Voodoo winch rope - 1300027 38,000 lb 7/8" 30 ft Jeep, Truck, SUV
1300025 Voodoo winch rope - 1300025 38,000 lb 7/8" 20 ft Jeep, Truck, SUV

Part Image Rope Capacity Rope Diameter Vehicle Type
1500004 Voodoo winch rope - 1500004 25,000 lb 3/8 in Jeep, Truck, SUV, ATV, UTV
1500002 Voodoo winch rope - 1500002 9,700 lb 1/2 in ATV, UTV


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