w23454 | Front Sway Bar Bushings - 30 mm | Jeep Wrangler TJ

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  • w23454 Discontinued by Whiteline
  • w23454 Discontinued by Whiteline
  • w23454 Discontinued by Whiteline
  • w23454 Discontinued by Whiteline
  • w23454 Discontinued by Whiteline
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Discontinued by Whiteline

Manufacturer: Whiteline
Part Number: w23454

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Price: $17.82

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  • 2 of 68000 - Front Sway Bar Bushing 30MM
  • 1 of High Performance Lubricant
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dll130 Front Sway Bar Lateral Lock - 28-30mm
DST Silver Color - Limited Lifetime Warranty

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kll130 Sway Bar Lateral Lock - 28-30mm
Whiteline Gold Color Plated - 3 Year Warranty

Suggested part for w23454: whiteline-lubricant
whiteline-lubricant EZE Grease Polyurethane Bushing Lubricant and Prelube - 3 Pack
Whiteline provides grease to install these parts, but you can never have too much. Grab an extra 3-pack of grease so you can more liberally apply grease when installing.

  • WHITELINE bushing kits with part numbers from W00001 to WZZZZZ and KSK000 to KSKZZZ (Bushing Kits) are covered for their lifetime.

    WHITELINE performance products include sway bar/ anti-roll-kits (excluding installation components) and bracing and alignment kits with part numbers from BAF000 to BZZZZZ, KCA000 to KCAZZZ, KSB000 to KSBZZZ, KLC000 to KLCZZZ and KDT000 to KDTZZZ (Performance Products) are covered for 3 years from the date of original installation.
FitmentDiscontinued by Whiteline w23454 fits these vehicles:

w23454 | Front Sway Bar Bushings - 30 mm | Jeep Wrangler TJ

Only Fits 30mm Bar
Whiteline W23454

Whiteline W23454

Before you go on your next off-road adventure, you need to hear about Whiteline's synthetic elastomer sway bar bushings for your Jeep. These small little bushings can make your suspension set up better than when you first rolled off the dealership lot and onto the trails. This is Whiteline's part number W23454. These are synthetic elastomer bushing replacements for the soft factory rubber front sway bar bushings on your 97-06 Wrangler TJ and an 07-11 Wrangler JK.

A Jeep's sway bar is responsible for maintaining maximum tire contact with the road and the bushing is responsible for holding your sway bar firmly in place. In off-camber situations, which happens when you off-road, uneven surfaces cause a sway bar to flex. When this flexing happens, the soft rubber sway bar bushing stretch and will eventually lose their grip. Rubber bushings tend to split over time anyway, but all of that off-roading speeds up that process dramatically. With the grip gone, the result is uneven traction which can get you stuck or even cause your Jeep to roll over. And if the possibility of rolling over isn't bad enough, cracked or rotted sway bar bushings also cause uneven tire wear forcing you to buy new tires prematurely.

Now we here at DST are sure all of you Jeep owners do not want to see your ride roll over or have to spend a fortune on tires all of the time. Whiteline's synthetic elastomer sway bar bushings have been specifically designed for the TJ and JK, and will effectively give your sway bar the performance of a larger sway bar. Whiteline's sway bar bushings will keep the wheel weight balanced and the chassis evened out giving your Jeep better traction and stability. And with your sway bar held firmly in place by these bushings, your rock crawler can perform how it was intended to.

These synthetic elastomer bushings will fit a 30mm bar and are designed to be reused with your OE mounting bracket. To ensure that these bushings will work, we always recommend measuring your vehicle's sway bar diameter. If you need any help measuring your bar we have a how-to video that shows a couple of simple ways to do that. You can find that video on our Universal Sway Bar Bushings page.Whiteline W23454

These bushings have a split design for easy installation. Instead of having to take the entire bar off, Whiteline has designed this bushing to come apart and slip over your bar. Once you torque up your bolts this gap will disappear. You will want to use grease to keep your bushings from squeaking, and Whiteline's high quality bushing lubricant is included. Another awesome feature of these bushings can be found on the inner part. Whiteline has designed these bushings with little grooves to help keep the grease in place. To unlock the true potential of your sway bar set up, check out W23455 .