DST Customer Service Team BLOWS up a Studebaker!

DST Blows up a Studebaker


I wonder what other companies do when their Customer Service Team overachieve and blow past the sales goals for the month. If you are good at picking up on foreshadowing, you probably already guessed what we at DST do. We blow stuff up!

Whether it be balloons…

Or boxes…

Or old cars…

Legendary customer service!

After a great few months of giving legendary customer service and blowing past sales goals, the Customer Service got a little treat: Pizza, Guns and Explosives! Nothing like a “quiet” little pizza party out in the country to wrap another another great week. Big thanks to Graham and Tiffany for providing the explosives, and pizza. And another big hand to the DST Customer Service team for an excellent first quarter! P.S. There is still more of the Studebaker left to blow up.


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