Free Sway Bar Measuring Tool

Free Sway Bar Measuring Tool

Metric MM Sway Bar Measuring Tool

Standard Inches Sway Bar Measuring Tool

If you’re looking for an easy and accurate way to measure your sway bar, these free print-outs can easily solve your puzzle. These tools have measurements in both millimeters and inches, just pick whichever unit of measurement works for you. Once you make your decision, click on the corresponding image below to open a PDF copy, print and cut it out, then head over to your sway bar.
Simply wrap the print-out around the bar and pull it tight to line up one of the smaller lines with your starting point. The calculations have already been done for you so whichever number the lines point to is your sway bar size. For 5 other ways to measure your sway bar, check out our article detailing 6 Different Ways to Measure a Sway Bar Diameter.

How to use the Tool

First you have to print the tool out. Believe it or not, this is the most complicated part. Make sure that there is NO SCALING or ZOOMING when you print out the tool. Otherwise the measurements will be off. Once you print out the tool, take a pair of scissors and cut out the tool. Wrap the tool around the bar and match the starting line with the size line. The measurement on the right of the line will be your sway bar size.

how to measure a sway bar diameter

We made a video just for those of you who don’t like to read. (Even if you like to read, you can still watch the video)

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    1. Thanks James,

      Yeah, we thought it might save a little time and frustration. It’s important to get an accurate measurement before purchasing sway bar bushings since auto manufacturers sometimes use different diameter sway bars, even in the same year model vehicles.

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