Get more grip on your sway bar, no matter what vehicle you have

Prothane Universal Polyurethane Sway Bar Bushings

Prothane Sway Bar Bushings

A very important aspect of your suspension set up that you probably don’t know about is the sway bar bushings. But if you have found yourself on this page, more than likely you know what they are now. The sway bar bushings hold your sway bar firmly in place, allowing the sway bar to function like it is intended to: keeping maximum tire contact to the ground while cornering. Cracked or rotted sway bar bushings lead to sloppy handling, an annoying clunking and uneven tire wear. Either way, you look at it, not a good thing.

With the many different sizes of sway bars out there, Prothane has designed their line of Polyurethane Universal Sway Bar Bushings that are designed to fit any OE or aftermarket bar. These polyurethane bushings will grip the sway bar tightly, effectively giving your sway bar the performance of a larger sway bar. Installing these sway bar bushings will give your ride performance that wasn’t possible even with brand new rubber bushings.

If you have a pair of digital calibers, this process is pretty easy. Just measure your bar as close to the existing mount as possible. If you don’t have any calipers, don’t worry. There is another simple method that involve item you surely have around the house, a crescent wrench and a ruler. Simply tighten your wrench over the bar, and then measure the distance across the teeth of the wrench. Now that you have the diameter of your sway bar, you can choose the bushing to match.

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It is important to note that while you might not have an exact match, you can still find the bushing you need. You can choose a bushing that is slightly smaller than the measurement of your sway bar, but no more than a half a millimeter. If you go any smaller, the bushing will not wrap fully over the bar. Also, you do not want to choose a bushing that is larger than your bar, otherwise the bushing will not grip the sway bar tightly, thus defeating the point of the bushing. To find the correct universal sway bar bushings set for your vehicle, choose the universal sway bar bracket type that most closely matches your vehicle’s existing sway bar bushing brackets. Click the universal sway bar part number to be taken to that exact part.

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