w13373 | Steering Rack Bushings - Lexus GX470

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  • w13373 Steering Rack and Pinion Bushings
  • w13373 Steering Rack and Pinion Bushings
  • w13373 Steering Rack and Pinion Bushings
  • w13373 Steering Rack and Pinion Bushings
  • w13373 Steering Rack and Pinion Bushings
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Steering Rack and Pinion Bushings

Manufacturer: Whiteline
Part Number: w13373
Price: $46.39

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Suggested part for w13373: whiteline-lubricant
whiteline-lubricant EZE Grease Polyurethane Bushing Lubricant and Prelube - 3 Pack
Whiteline provides grease to install these parts, but you can never have too much. Grab an extra 3-pack of grease so you can more liberally apply grease when installing.

  • WHITELINE bushing kits with part numbers from W00001 to WZZZZZ and KSK000 to KSKZZZ (Bushing Kits) are covered for their lifetime.

    WHITELINE performance products include sway bar/ anti-roll-kits (excluding installation components) and bracing and alignment kits with part numbers from BAF000 to BZZZZZ, KCA000 to KCAZZZ, KSB000 to KSBZZZ, KLC000 to KLCZZZ and KDT000 to KDTZZZ (Performance Products) are covered for 3 years from the date of original installation.
FitmentSteering Rack and Pinion Bushings w13373 fits these vehicles:

w13373 | Steering Rack Bushings - Lexus GX470

Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings

When you turn your steering wheel, the force is transferred through the steering rack to your control arms and other steering components. Two of the main components on your steering rack are the teeth on the rack itself and the gear that rolls across them. Steering rack bushings are designed to protect these components from impacts and road grime. However, OE steering rack bushings are commonly made of rubber, a material that will eventually succumb to wear and contamination, leaving your steering rack exposed. Once this happens your vehicle's handling will become progressively clunkier and harder to control as the steering rack becomes damaged and packed with grime.

Whiteline offers steering rack bushings made of synthetic elastomer. This elastomer is much more durable than rubber, capable of easily resisting physical wear and road contamination. By installing a set of Whiteline's elastomer steering rack bushings, you're greatly increasing the longevity of your vehicle's steering system. Plus, Whiteline covers all of their steering rack bushings with a lifetime warranty handled in-house here at DST.

Whiteline Steering Rack Bushing
Fitment for w13373
FOTON TUNLAND P201 2WD (11/2012-ON)
FOTON TUNLAND P201 4WD (11/2012-ON)
LEXUS GX470 UZJ120 (2002-2009)
TOYOTA FJ CRUISER GSJ10 (12/2006-8/2009)
TOYOTA FORTUNER AN50, AN60 2WD (3/2005-9/2015)
TOYOTA HILUX 4 RUNNER GRN210, UZN210 (2002-2009)
TOYOTA HILUX GGN15R, KUN16R, TGN15R, TGN16R 2WD (3/2005-10/2015)
TOYOTA HILUX GGN25R, KUN26R 4WD (3/2005-10/2015)
TOYOTA LANDCRUISER PRADO GRJ120, KDJ120, KZJ120, RZJ120 (3/2003-10/2009)

question_answer Customer Questions and Answers

What are these bushings made from?
All Whiteline bushings are made of synthetic elastomer (poly urethane). It is stiffer than the OEM rubber.