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Polyurethane vs Rubber

Check out our detailed part-by-part breakdown of the pro's and con's between polyurethane and rubber bushings!

Progressive Rate Bump Stops

Featuring a dual, triple or quadruple rate - these progressive rate bump stops will allow for a varying degree of flexibility in your installation.

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From the DST Blog

What Is Moog's Warranty?

Moog sells their suspension parts through dealers and works with them on a case by case basis regarding warranty issues. So when you buy a Moog part the warranty you get is based on who you buy the part from. Some dealers support limited lifetime warranties and some do not.... read more

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Think "Suspension Fanatics". We absolutely LOVE suspension parts. We have been working with suspension parts for over a decade and enjoy a very close relationship with big name suspension manufacturers like Moog, Prothane, Energy Suspension, and Whiteline to name a few. We dont just sell their parts. We KNOW their parts. We have a team of people who are tasked with learning about these suspension parts and explaining in a clear manner why YOU the customer should care about these parts. What's more is that we arent here to just blindly hawk their parts either. If a manufacturer's part isn't GREAT, we'll tell you! The last thing we want is to sell a part that is less than PERFECT. If they need to go back to the drawing board to redesign their part, we'll tell them. We want you to be "Suspension Fanatics" too, and crummy Suspension Parts aren't gonna cut it, are they?

More than "Suspension Fanatics" though, we're "Jesus Freaks". Throughout our long history in business God has opened many doors for us and given us success in the things we do. It's truly undeniable that without Christ, we are nothing. Because of that fact, we desire to handle our business in a "Christ Like" manner. If for any reason you ever think we're dropping the ball on that, we would much rather you tell us and call us out on it. We dont just want to be Christians on Sunday. We want to serve you Monday through Friday with the same Christian attitude we would show to our friends and families.