Lift Smarter (and for Less Money)

The lift kits manufactured by Performance Accessories are the result of research and engineeering aimed at answering one question: What is the BEST way to lift THIS vehicle?
performance accessories lift and leveling kit

Achieving your lifting goals

Performance Accessories lift kits are designed to be the best way to lift your specific vehicle while also working with your suspension and electronic stability controls. For instance, simply leveling the front suspension of most trucks can gain 1 to 2 inches of ride height and make installing larger tires possible. If that was your goal to begin with, then you've just done it (with a kit you could install in your own garage) for a fraction of the price of a comparable full 2 inch suspension lift. If you want more ride height on top of that you can add a Performance Accessories body lift which makes room for even bigger tires and doesn't increase center of gravity nearly as much as a suspension lift of the same size.

Go Bigger, Better

Performance Accessories Premium Lift Systems offer a better, cost effective way of reaching your lifting goals by combining just enough of the right kind of lifts to get you the ride height you want without sacrificing your handling and decreasing the lifespan of your suspension components.

There are three basic ways to lift a vehicle: Raise the suspension, raise the body, or install larger than stock tires. Which one you should choose is largely based on what you are trying to accomplish. Just slapping a 6 inch suspension lift on a truck will make it taller, but you probably want to buy expensive bigger tires to complete the look and you're going to experience more body roll since you've raised your center of gravity much higher than the factory setting. Performance Accessories gives you a lift that has minimal effect on handling characteristics and leaves room in the budget for your dream tires.

Real. Customer. Service.


Trained Customer Support

Our people are trained by a retired auto tech teacher so we can understand and answer your questions and quickly find solutions to get your vehicle handling like you want.


ASE Certified Mechanic

If you need to talk to an ASE certified mechanic we have one right here on staff. Experience matters, and we have it, so you can feel confident when contacting us for support.


Real Phone Support

We won't leave you hanging. We talk with aftermarket parts manufacturers every day, so if we don't have the answer you need right away we WILL find it for you.


Real People

We are real folks in Texas, USA and we are proud of our company and our customer support. You'll never receive support that has been outsourced.

performance accessories engineered lift kits

Engineered to be the Best

Performance Accessories is an Arizona based company that manufactures all of their lift and leveling kits in-house. They've been in business since the 1980's and have since become a branch of Daystar who uses high quality PA parts in many of their own lift kits.

They are dedicated to providing the best lift options for those who want to lift their Truck or SUV smartly with minimal changes to the existing suspension and handling characteristics. By combining a leveling kit and body lift kit that is designed for a specific make and model the balance between optimal lift height and proper center of gravity and suspension geometry is possible.

With Performance Accessories you're also getting a dependable kit that is tested for durability and saftey and backed by a lifetime warranty against defects and failure under normal operating conditions.

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