Whiteline BHK007 Front and Rear Sway Bar and Endlink Kit - 26mm Front - 22mm Rear

  • bhk007 Front and Rear Sway Bar and Endlink Kit - 26mm Front - 22mm Rear
  • bhk007 Front and Rear Sway Bar and Endlink Kit - 26mm Front - 22mm Rear
  • bhk007 Front and Rear Sway Bar and Endlink Kit - 26mm Front - 22mm Rear

Front and Rear Sway Bar and Endlink Kit - 26mm Front - 22mm Rear

Manufacturer: Whiteline
Part Number: bhk007
Price: $652.04

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  • 1 of bhf62z - Front Sway Bar - 26mm - 4 Point Adjustable
  • 1 of bhr82xz - Rear Sway Bar - 22mm - 3 Point Adjustable
  • 1 of klc176 - Front Sway Bar Endlinks
  • 1 of klc144 - Rear Sway Bar Endlinks
Suggested part for bhk007: whiteline-lubricant
whiteline-lubricant EZE Grease Polyurethane Bushing Lubricant and Prelube - 3 Pack
Whiteline provides grease to install these parts, but you can never have too much. Grab an extra 3-pack of grease so you can more liberally apply grease when installing.

  • WHITELINE bushing kits with part numbers from W00001 to WZZZZZ and KSK000 to KSKZZZ (Bushing Kits) are covered for their lifetime.

    WHITELINE performance products include sway bar/ anti-roll-kits (excluding installation components) and bracing and alignment kits with part numbers from BAF000 to BZZZZZ, KCA000 to KCAZZZ, KSB000 to KSBZZZ, KLC000 to KLCZZZ and KDT000 to KDTZZZ (Performance Products) are covered for 3 years from the date of original installation.
FitmentFront and Rear Sway Bar and Endlink Kit - 26mm Front - 22mm Rear bhk007 fits these vehicles:
  • Front Sway Bar - 26mm - 4 Point Adjustable - bhf62z
  • Rear Sway Bar - 22mm - 3 Point Adjustable - bhr82xz
  • Front Sway Bar Endlinks - klc176
  • Rear Sway Bar Endlinks - klc144

Whiteline's BHK007

Amazingly Adjustable Sway Bars

Whiteline's BHK007 sway bar kit comes with everything you need to maximize the performance of your Pontiac G8. New solid-steel adjustable sway bars for both the front and rear, DIY-friendly synthetic elastomer sway bar bushings made with Whiteline's greaseless technology, and easily-adjustable endlinks complete this high-performance package. Compared to the OE, the BHK007 offers amazing levels of improvement. While OE sway bars have only one setting, the sway bars included in BHK007 have multiple adjustment points. The front sway bar, for example, has four separate slots to connect the endlink! Something to keep in mind, moving your endlink to the outer holes will decrease the stiffness of your bar and the inner holes will do the opposite. The ease of adjustment, sturdy design, and overall performance upgrade keeps Whiteline's sway bars at the top of things our DST team loves to sell.

BHK007 Sway Bars
BHK007 Endlinks

Entirely Dependable Endlinks

When you upgrade your sway bars, your endlinks are almost always a necessary next step. Of course, with the way Whiteline designs their endlinks, it becomes less of a "necessity" and more of a privilege. A heavy-duty design allows for top performance in all situations, the 360-degree swivel head makes it an easy install, and you can even adjust Whiteline endlinks after they've been installed. All of these features, combined with the adjustable sway bars themselves, add up to outstanding levels of performance customization.

Easy to Install and Lifetime Coverage

Included alongside your new sway bars will be matching sets of synthetic elastomer sway bar bushings. Even these bushings are designed to outperform the OE. OE bushings are commonly made of rubber. This rubber will crack and rot away, loosening their grip on the sway bar and severely reducing its effectiveness. Whiteline bushings, on the other hand, are made of synthetic elastomer. Incredibly resistant to both physical wear and corrosive contaminants, these bushings are guaranteed to both outlast and outperform the OE rubber. Plus, these bushings are easy to install. Designed with a split along one side, you can simply slip these bushings over the bar, instead of having to slide them into place. If all of that wasn't enough, you don't even need to grease your new suspension parts! Whiteline uses a PTFE liner in their bushings, giving you a squeak-free ride with no extra hassle. Ready to ship out the moment you order it, our Stephenville warehouse and shipping team can have your BHK007 moving to you in no time.

Fitment for bhk007
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HOLDEN COMMODORE VE (8/2006-5/2013)
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