Best Front Control Arm Bushing Replacements for the Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2014

brands of jeep wrangler jk front control arm bushings

Jeep JK Bushing Replacement Options

There are several brands that manufacture Front Control Arm Bushings for your 2007-2014 Jeep Wrangler JK. They range from complete replacement kits to individual bushings, depending on whether you want to poly out your suspension or quickly fix a broken piece. Some are more suited for off-road enthusiasts while others are meant for the daily driver. Whatever the case, we’re going to take a look at several of these options and give you a better idea of what is available.

We have chosen just a few different criteria that are important for these parts across the board but all of these bushings have many facets that separate them from the others. If you want all the most intricate details about these front control arm bushings for your 2007-2014 Jeep Wrangler JK you can call the manufacturer directly or the customer service folks at who can either answer your questions or direct you to the correct source.

Your Options at a Glance

  Durometer (hardness) Coverage of Kit Ease of Installation Warranty Cost
prothane logo
Complete Kit 1211
85A Complete Replacement Half-Bushing Install Manufacturer Lifetime $$
whiteline logo
85A and 75A Full Coverage with 3 Kits Press Install Manufacturer Lifetime $$$
energy suspension logo
Complete Kit 2.3108
88A Complete Replacement Half-Bushing Install Manufacturer 2 yr/DST Lifetime Warranty $$
superpro logo
83A and 73A Full Coverage with 3 Kits Press Install Lifetime Warranty Includes Racing/4X4 $$$
moog logo
Bushing MOOG-K200187
Complete Arm MOOG-RK621823
60-65A *aprox Single Front-Upper Press Install Manufacturer 3 year $

prothane logo
prothane jeep wrangler front control arm bushings

Prothane 1211 Front Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushings

American Made Complete Replacement Kit

  • One kit replaces every bushing

  • Easy install

  • Manufacturer lifetime warranty

  • Higher Cost

Guaranteed to Fit Every Position

Prothane is based in California where all of their R&D, design, and manufacturing takes place. They do everything in-house and do not outsource production to factories in other countries, so if “Made in the USA” is what you’re looking for then Prothane has you covered.

This kit uses an 85A durometer polyurethane to provide a more secure camber angle than rubber will and are under warranty to last the life of your Jeep. If you’re looking to move from a softer ride to a more durable, alignment holding suspension then this kit will give you all the pieces for your Jeep’s front control arms without having to check individual parts for fitment.

The bushings are easily installed with two half bushings going in on each side of the housing being held together by the bolt. The inner sleeves that come with the kit are zinc coated, but the original outer shells will need to be reused. The inner surface of the bushings are cross-hatched or rifled to help hold in the grease that comes with this kit, meaning you are less likely to hear any squeaking from these bushings when your suspension travels.

prothane polyurethane front control arm bushings
prothane logo


Durometer: 85A

Coverage: Complete Replacement

Install: Half Bushings

Warranty: Manufacturer Lifetime

whiteline logo

Whiteline Uppers-W63434, Uppers-W63435, Lowers-W63436

Choice of Exceptional Parts for Each Bushing Position

  • Position specific durometers

  • Grease retaining technology

  • Individual parts can be bought separately

  • Press installation

whiteline jeep wrangler front control arm bushings
whiteline front control arm bushings for jeep wranglers

Premium parts from Downunder

Whiteline doesn’t package their parts as kits because they do a lot of business in Australia as an OE replacement brand and garages do not want to buy an entire kit to replace one broken part. This might be off putting for someone who is replacing the entire front suspension since, in this instance, they would need to find three kits to complete their project.

American companies usually market their bushings in kits since they cater to aftermarket customers who want to replace all their bushings at once for a performance increase instead of a simple replacement. Regardless, Whiteline does offer all the parts needed to re-bushing every position on the front control arm. They just have to be purchased separately.

These bushings are installed traditionally by using a press which requires a more extensive garage for DIYers or a trip to the shop. The inside of the bushings are “cross hatched” to retain grease for longer periods of time between maintenance. The W63434 includes the outer shells but the rest of the original hardware must be reused. Whiteline offers a lifetime warranty on these bushings.

jeep wrangler front control arm bushings whiteline
whiteline logo


Durometer: 75A and 85A

Coverage: Full Coverage with 3 Kits

Install: Press Installation

Warranty: Manufacturer Lifetime

energy suspension logo
energy suspension jeep wrangler front control arm bushings

Energy Suspension 2.3108 Front Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushings

Complete Replacement Kit for Less

  • Complete replacement

  • Easy install

  • DST lifetime warranty

  • Low price

  • Smooth bore front lowers

For a very Rigid Control Arm

Energy Suspension is another “Made in the USA” company that is well known in the aftermarket suspension world. They package their bushings in complete kits so you don’t have to scour the catalog checking fitment of different parts. This kit will cover all the positions of your Jeep Wrangler’s front control arm, though you will need to save the original outer shells for installation. These bushings are another potential DIY project since the halved bushings don’t have to be pressed into the housing.

The lower bushings will have to be greased well on install since Energy Suspension uses a smooth bore inner that doesn’t retain grease as well as some brands. Without adequate grease the bushings might squeak but the idea behind this is that any displacement of material from the inner can affect the integrity of the bushing.

Energy Suspension prides itself on being a performance option and uses the hardest durometer (88A) of any of the parts on this list, so it should provide the most rigid hold on the control arm. This means the camber angle shouldn’t change except in the most extreme cases, but you will also experience more noise and vibration, so deciding what on your acceptable level of comfort vs performance will be important.

front control arm bushings for jeep wrangler from energy suspension
energy suspension logo


Durometer: 88A

Coverage: Complete Replacement

Install: Half Bushings

Warranty: Manufacturer 2 yr/DST Lifetime Warranty

superpro logo

SuperPro Lowers-SPF3655K, Uppers-SPF3654K, Uppers-SPF3751K

For the Daily Driver that Dreams of Australian Rock Crawling

  • Position specific durometers

  • Greater articulation than OE

  • Best warranty for racing/4X4

  • Individual parts sold separately

  • Press installation

superpro jeep wrangler jk front control arm bushings
separate jeep wrangler front control arm bushings from superpro

Best Warranty Off-Road Bushings

SuperPro’s 83A and 73A bushings are noticeably softer than other polyurethane bushings and the Barrel Body design allows for greater articulation of the bushing and more grease retention. These bushings are aimed toward the weekend rock crawler that has a good distance to travel on blacktop before hitting the trail. SuperPro tries to strike a balance between comfort and durability, providing a smooth ride that lasts and holds wheel alignment.

Like other Australian manufacturers, SuperPro sells their parts in individual kits. This can make finding the correct fitting parts a pain if you’re replacing all the bushings in the front control arms, but if your have an 07-14 Jeep Wrangler then these three kits will get you all the bushings you need.

These bushings have to be pressed into the housing but SuperPro claims that if they are adequately greased upon install they will not squeak for the life of the bushing without re-lubricating. SuperPro also provides one of the best lifetime warranty’s in the industry since it is still valid with racing and off-road applications. If you’re looking to abuse your Jeep then these bushings will be covered no matter what.

jeep wrangler front control arm bushings from superpro
superpro logo


Durometer: 83A and 73A

Coverage: Full Coverage with 3 Kits

Install: Press Installation

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty Includes Racing/4X4

moog logo
moog jeep wrangler front control arm bushing

Moog K200187 Front Upper Control Arm Bushing

Individual Rubber Uppers at Rock Bottom Price

  • Low price

  • Best comfort level

  • Single upper replacement

  • Press install

Back to Normal for Le$$

This is the only rubber control arm bushing replacement option we are going to look at today and it’s manufactured by Moog. Suspension hardware like ball joints and control arms are Moog’s bread and butter but they also manufacture bushings that are OE equivalent or better. They do not manufacture polyurethane products but their replacement options do meet or exceed OE specs and are the cheapest option by far.

You don’t get all the wonderful benefits of polyurethane like extreme longevity or an unflinching hold on your control arm’s alignment but you do restore the comfort level of your ride for a percentage of the price of an aftermarket polyurethane bushing with no maintenance.

Moog only offers bushings for the front upper position which are sold one piece at a time, so to replace both front uppers you will need to buy two bushings. They must be pressed in which can be a hard job to DIY, but you save money at the sales counter which means you can afford a little more at the shop. These are a “daily driver +” option that are meant to provide a cheap, but better, alternative to OE replacements.

jeep wrangler front control arm bushing from moog
moog logo


Durometer: 60-65A *Aprox

Coverage: Single Front Upper

Install: Press-In Install

Warranty: Manufacturer 3 year

So which Control Arm Bushing Kit is best for your Jeep?

jeep wrangler front control arm bushing choices

If you want a performance upgrade on the cheap.

energy suspension logo prothane logo

Energy Suspension and Prothane both offer complete kits which take care of all the positions. Energy Suspension is cheaper with a higher durometer for the most rigid connection. Prothane has grease retaining technology in all of their bushings and a lower durometer for a potentially softer ride.

If you don’t have a preference for the brand, the Prothane Front Control Arm Bushing Kit is a solid choice for your Wrangler JK in this case. The native lifetime warranty will ensure you get the most from these for the life of your Wrangler JK – while the grease retaining inner diameter will keep them quiet without regular reapplications of grease.

For the avid rock crawler.

superpro logo

SuperPro takes the cake with their exceptional warranty. A lifetime warranty doesn’t do you any good if you void it. Unlike Whiteline, SuperPro provides a warranty that will not be voided by the harsh use in racing and offroad 4X4.

Unfortunately, the SuperPro parts are also the most expensive of the bunch. At a cost of almost double the Energy Suspension and the Prothane replacements, you might skip this kit if you’re not going to be driving offroad regularly.

If you want OE ride quality.

moog logo

For ride quality, the winner here is clearly Moog. As the only rubber control arm bushing replacement option, the Moog parts are the only ones that will restore your JK with a ride that will closely match that of when your Wrangler first pulled off the lot.

The Moog control arm bushings are also the cheapest option for replacing the front upper bushings, hands down. Just keep in mind that the Moog part also carries the worst warranty of the bunch as rubber is bound to fail sooner or later.

If you’re looking to replace your lower control arm bushings then your only Moog option is to replace the entire lower control arm since they don’t offer the lower bushings separately.

The oddball in the bunch.

whiteline logo

When compared to SuperPro, Whiteline’s grand total cost for the three positions is cheaper then the SuperPro kit by about 20%, but their warranty doesn’t cover racing and offroad 4×4 usage and that’s really the point of the SuperPro kit in the first place.

That said, if you were really concerned with price in the first place, you’re probably going to jump the Energy Suspension or the Prothane kit which are both about 30% cheaper than Whiteline while still providing the same warranty.

Because the Whiteline replacement Control Arm Bushing kit doesn’t particularly shine in cost, warranty, or even completeness – Whiteline remains as an oddball in the group that despite being a quality product, doesn’t really have a reason to recommend it above another kit.

If you’re looking for more…

Thanks for taking a look at our overview of your options for the best replacement Front Control Arm Bushings for the Jeep Wrangler JK. Now that you know the differences between your options, take a look at some of the slightly more complete replacement kits available if you want to take your bushing game up to the next level.

Each of these polyurethane bushing manufacturers offer kits that provide parts for the front and rear control arms, the front control arms + sway bar and bump stops, or the rear control arm bushings for your Jeep Wrangler. If you’re looking for specific parts then you have some options that you can get in a bundle to save you from searching for fitment and shipping costs.

Front/Rear Control Arm Bushings

whiteline jeep front and rear control arm bushings

Front Control Arm Bushings + Sway Bar + Bumpstops

energy suspension jeep front suspension rebuild kit

Rear Control Arm Bushings + Sway Bar + Bumpstops

prothane jeep rear suspension rebuild kit

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