Steering Stabilizer Install – 2012 Jeep Wrangler JK

steering stabilizer installed on a 2012 jeep jk

DST Installs a Steering Stabilizer on a 2012 Jeep Wrangler JK

The DST team got the chance to install a Daystar Steering Stabilizer on a 2012 Jeep Wrangler JK so we picked up our tool box (and camera) and got to work. This article will chronicle our journey from stock steering stabilizer to Daystar steering damper, from start to finish.

Simple Install

(Especially if you aren’t taking pictures every two seconds)

The Original

Here is a view of the stock steering stabilizer just waiting to be replaced. The stock stabilizer does a fine job of absorbing a lot of the vibrations from the road to the steering wheel but there is always room for some improvement. Also the price of this steering stabilizer is so reasonable that no one will make fun of you if you buy it just for the flashy white color that contrasts with all the black under your Jeep.

Prep: Greasing and Pressing the Poly Bushings

This Daystar kit comes with two polyurethane bushings that have to be greased and pressed into the housings at each end of the steering stabilizer. The poly bushings will last much longer than their rubber counterparts but make sure to use the grease (that comes with the kit) when installing to eliminate any chance of squeaking. We used a small hand press and the bushings went in very smoothly.

Greasing the Poly Bushing

Greasing the Housing

Pressing in the Bushing

Bushings Installed

Here’s the steering stabilizer with the polyurethane bushings installed. Not pictured was the greasing of the metal sleeve and pushing it into the bushing. With these preparation steps out of the way we grabbed our wrenches and really got our hands dirty.

bushing installed in steering stabilizer

Removal of Original Steering Stabilizer

removing stock steering stabilizer

the original stock steering stabilizer

Room for Improvement

We used a set of wrenches and a socket set to uninstall the original steering stabilizer. The original still seems to be in good shape but this 2012 Jeep JK was recently purchased and hasn’t seen a ton of off-road use, which will wear the rubber bushing down over time. If you are planning on a lot of off-road adventures polyurethane bushings will make the ride stiffer but last a lot longer.

Installation of Daystar Steering Stabilizer

bolting on the daystar steering stabilizer for jeep jk

Passenger side

installing the daystar steering stabilizer for jeep wrangler

Driver’s side

Two Wrenches are Better than One

We tried several different tools to remove the old steering stabilizer and install the new one, including a wrench and a socket, two wrenches, and even a wrench and a pair of channel locks. Our experience taking the original steering stabilizer off taught us that using two wrenches works better for the passenger side bolts than the other methods. On the driver side a socket worked best. We hand tightened the passenger side connection and then moved to the driver’s side. With both ends of the stabilizer secured we then tightened both sides down to 50 ft-lbs, which are the torque specs for this 2012 Jeep Wrangler JK.

Tips and Hints

incorrect installation

Keeping the Stabilizer Dry

Off-roading is what Jeeps do and that often includes a little bit of moisture. To keep that water from building up against the metal components of the steering stabilizer the shock boot has drain holes to drain off water that could become trapped inside.

Easily Distracted?

incorrect installation

correct installation

IMPORTANT: Make sure you install the new steering stabilizer under the bracket instead of on top. This may seem like common sense but if you have to set the project aside in the middle it could be forgotten.

zip tying the shock boot

Keeping the Shock Boot in place

Use the zip tie that comes with the kit to secure the shock boot once you have it in place. This will keep the boot from being moved around and exposing the arm of the steering stabilizer to the elements.

Finished Install

finished steering stabilizer install
installed steering stabilizer passenger side
installed steering stabilizer drivers side

That’s it Folks!

We hope you found this installation of a Daystar Steering Stabilizer on a 2012 Jeep Wrangler JK helpful. If anyone else has DIYed this pretty simple bolt on part, please share any of your own tips or tricks in the comments section that might make the project easier for the next person.

From us here at DST, ride smooth and drive hard!

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