DST’s First Responder Discount

Thank You First Responders

At DST, we know how lucky we are. From our amazing customers, to the joy of eating lunch by a pond surrounded by farm animals – we know that, in part, this is because of the safety we feel. This safety is provided by the first responders in our area.

As the seasons change, we want to make sure we thank all First Responders, regardless of where they call home. We want to give a little bit back to those who have sacrificed so much.

For a few years DST has offered a 10% discount the week before, up to and including, Memorial Day and Veterans Day on all purchases made by military personnel, both past and present, active duty or reserve/guard. Now, we understand that a 10% discount will not change the world but, as a small company, we want to do what we can to say “Thank You”. This discount can be used for any part you order; from a $3 grease pack, to a $3,000 suspension kit.

Moving forward we would like to expand this discount to include those willing to run in while everyone else is running out. We want to make sure you know how much we appreciate what you do.

Remember, if you want to take advantage of this discount, its available the week leading up to, and during, Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Give us a call or chat with us when the time comes and we will make this happen.

We will still be offering the Military Discount during those weeks, as usual, so if you know someone who qualifies and is looking for some suspension parts send them our way.

For any inquiries or questions please contact Customer Service at 1-888-406-2330.
DST thanks you again for your service, and we hope you and your family have a safe and prosperous year!

-Dean Mason, Former EMT, DST Customer Service Team

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