What Is Moog’s Warranty?

what is moogs warranty
what is moogs warranty

Moog Parts Warranty

In the time since it’s inception, Moog has changed ownership a few times and expanded it’s market to include an enormous number of parts covering a vast amount of makes and models. With these changes, some of Moog’s manufacturing has been outsourced to factories overseas which has raised some questions about the quality of the brand, like the state of the limited lifetime warranty that Moog has historically offered on its parts. In this article, we will try to shed some light on the facts regarding Moog’s warranty.

TL;DR – Moog works with dealers on a case by case basis regarding warranty issues, so when you buy a Moog part the individual dealer warranty is what you have… or don’t have.

moog warranty

What is Moog’s Warranty?

Moog offers a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects in their Premium Steering and Suspension parts like Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, and U-Joints for as long as the buyer owns the vehicle. This includes all the normal provisions: non-commerical use, part is still on the original vehicle, vehicle is less than 8k pounds, etc.

R Series Control Arms, Hub and Strut Assemblies are instead covered by a 3 year warranty (more on R Series later).

…the warranty you get depends on where you buy your parts.

Not a bad deal, right? Pretty standard for suspension and chassis parts. If the part has a flaw from manufacturing or materials then you get a replacement. The hitch comes from the fact that the individual dealers of Moog parts are responsible to the customer for supporting the warranty, which is another way of saying the warranty you get depends on where you buy your parts.

Where You Buy Matters

Moog still offers the same warranty against defect with one important provision; it is up to the dealer you bought the part from to honor the warranty. The rub is that since Moog does not sell directly to the public the customer must work with the dealer they purchased the part from. Which means that if the dealer directs you to Moog to fulfill your warranty, you don’t actually have a warranty.

…if the dealer directs you to Moog to fulfill your warranty, you don’t actually have a warranty.

Some dealers of aftermarket or replacement suspension parts will direct you to the manufacturer for warranty claims. This is fine in some cases, but comparing the information you get from some parts dealers and Moog’s current position on the matter… well, your warranty can become stuck in customer service limbo.

moog warranty and dealer warranty

suspension moog dealer

Suspension.com – Unlike “other retailers”

We believe in the customer getting what they paid for. We provide customer service because we believe that when you purchase a product you should be able to talk to a knowledgable representative if there is a problem. Suspension.com provides a limited lifetime warranty on Moog parts that we sell (3 years on R Series, Hubs, and Struts) because we believe that they are the best aftermarket replacements you can get, and on the rare occasion that there is a problem our customers are better off with Moog parts than another cheaper option.

moog products last longer

“The BEST Warranty…

…Is the warranty you never have to use.” That’s the old saying and the attitude that a lot of folks take when it comes to their suspension parts. If you take a look at Moog from this angle they do a better job than a lot of other aftermarket replacement parts. Recent independent durability tests have shown that Moog ball joints last five times longer than their competitors.

Some of the cheaper aftermarket dealers you can find are cheaper simply because they are just a website.

All that said, if you get a lemon out of the box then you’ll need a warranty to replace it as painlessly as possible and that means you’re at the mercy of the dealer you bought the part from. Some of the cheaper aftermarket dealers you can find are cheaper simply because they are just a website. No real customer service, sketchy return policy, they likely never even see the part that is being sent to you. If you’ve had the unpleasant experience of needing to replace a part that should be under warranty and getting nowhere then you know what we’re talking about.

What About the R Series Warranty?

Moog’s R Series parts are an interesting phenomenon but the reason they exist is troubling: Moog needs a cheaper option than their premium parts to compete with knock-off brands. Basically, Moog created a product that replaced the higher quality/more expensive problem solver ball joint with an OE style ball joint, usually made in a non-US factory. These are guaranteed “Moog Validated Construction” which means that for the 1st factory run of every RK series part, engineers run tests on the first and last part to ensure they are being made to spec. This allows Moog to have an option for the folks who aren’t really looking for a long-lasting, high-quality part but just an OE style replacement that they can slap on their vehicle to get it on the road again as cheaply as possible.

These two examples of RK and CK Moog control arms for a ’06-’10 Jeep Grand Cherokee show the difference between the Made in the USA premium part and the Taiwan made replacement. In short, Moog still offers the high quality parts they have been known for, but they also offer a more affordable version and the difference between the warranties reflect the quality.

Moog needs a cheaper option than their premium parts to compete with knock-off brands.
moog ck vs rk series
different moog control arms

Why The Difference?

The majority of people when faced with two options will choose the cheaper of the two. When a company like Moog sells a high quality part for a profit their price is going to be higher than a part made with inferior engineering behind it or lower quality materials. But when most consumers look at two control arms, they pay the most attention to the numbers behind the dollar sign.

For Moog to be able to compete with the knockoff brands, which can gobble up a lot of business, its necessary to provide a lower cost option. Thus, Moog began outsourcing some of the manufacturing responsibilities to factories outside of the US. This drives the price down but also makes quality control a little problematic since a particular country’s manufacturing standards may not be the best and Moog engineers are simply not able to check every part that rolls out of some of these factories.

know your moog dealers warranty
…it pays to know the dealer’s warranty before you buy a Moog product.

The Good News

First of all, there are dealers (like Suspension.com) that do offer limited lifetime warranties on the Moog parts they sell, you just have to check them out before you buy.

Also, Federal-Mogul (the company that owns Moog) is in the process of being purchased by Tenneco and this means changes will be coming. We won’t know anything for a while, but one such change could be how the manufacturer warranty is handled.

Finally, Moog is in the process of expanding its plant in Boaz, Alabama. We’ve also heard that production of around 100 new CK series control arms which feature the premium, problem solver ball joints will begin with this expansion. Whether or not these new control arms will have a lower cost like the RK series we will have to wait and see, but these parts will be made in the USA in Moog’s own factory. This shows a shift by Moog back to its roots of quality made products where the warranty is just the icing on the cake.

These changes look promising but until they are concrete it pays to know the dealer’s warranty before you buy a Moog product. If you don’t you might end up on the frustrating side of a customer service call.

6 thoughts on “What Is Moog’s Warranty?

  1. How does Moog determine who makes their RK series line? Do they physically go to the facility and inspect them before hiring them to make their product?

    1. Hey Brit,

      I spoke with the Garage Guru’s at Moog about this and they said that they begin by taking sample parts from potential manufacturers. They then compare them with the Original Equipment part to check the quality. After this, they take the part apart and conduct more tests on the metallurgy, construction, and other aspects of the part. If the part passes muster then it’s certified by Moog.

      Beyond that initial testing, Moog tests the first and last part of every factory run of a part to ensure the standards are being kept up.

      Thanks for the question Brit.

  2. Appreciate the info, I’ve been building Hub To Hub IFS Conversion Kits using MII Geometry for about 20 yrs. We offer Moog tie rod ends as an option to Parts Master. Earlier a few of the Moog have come in that looked like the Parts Master in that the boots was not bonded to the tie rod, don’t have any way of knowing about the internal parts. Just checked the ones we have in stock & the Moog all look good with boot bonded, all show made in USA, some of the Parts Master show Made In Turkey & some Made In USA.
    We have had problems with the quality of the rubber the boots are made of on the Parts Master tie rod ends & ball joints that we was using. The boots on the Moog tie rod ends we have received lately and the XRF ball joints that we only use seems to be OK.

    1. Hey Gayleco,

      Moog offers some great benefits with their tie rod ends and the warranty that we offer reflects what we believe is a quality part. I believe Parts Master offers re-boxed parts from other manufacturers and I’m not sure what their warranty is like.

      Since you have 20 years of building those kits IFS kits could you say about how many of the tie rod ends have needed warranty replacements? I’m wondering if there is a difference between the number of those that were Parts Master compared to Moog.

      Thanks Gayleco, and keep up the good work.

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