Chassis Grease for Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, and U Joints

chassis grease rating

The Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, and U Joints are a vital part of your steering, suspension, and drive-train and from time to time they need to be lubricated. Choosing the right grease can be confusing but we have found a great option from Mystik, so whether you're servicing your daily driver or resetting your off-road vehicle after a weekend of muddy trails you can count on these lubricants.

If you're picking up some greasable ball joints, tie rod ends, or U joints to replace some original non-serviceable parts you can have chassis grease and a grease gun shipped with your order. These lubricants have a GC-LB rating which means they are designed for steering and suspension parts as well as the axle and wheel bearings, so you can perform maintenance on all these parts without changing grease.

Image Part Description
Grease Gun Combo Grease Gun Combo Grease Gun w/ flex hose and multi-purpose grease
mystik multi-purpose grease Mystik High Temp Multi Purpose Grease Multi-Purpose grease for chassis components
mini grease gun combo Mini Grease Gun Combo Smaller grease gun for 3oz tubes
lucas mini chassis grease Lucas Mini Chassis Grease 3oz tubes of Lucas Red-N-Tacky Chassis Grease