Pedders 220009 Rear Lowering Coil Spring

  • pedders-220009 Rear Lowering Coil Spring

Rear Lowering Coil Spring

Manufacturer: Pedders
Part Number: pedders-220009
Price: $76.46

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  • Pedders is so confident about the quality of its product that all Pedders branded components are warranted for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase or until the vehicle has traveled 25,000 miles from the date of installation, whichever occurs first. If any goods supplied by Pedders are found upon examination to be defective in material or workmanship (not due to abuse, neglect or misapplication), the goods will be replaced by Pedders. This excludes any and all related labor charges.
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Pedders Rear Lowering Springs

Rear Coil Springs is a key part of most modern suspension systems which absorb the bumps and jolts caused by driving on uneven terrain. These springs are essential in keeping your rear tires in contact with the ground and while drifting can be a lot of fun you don't want it happening by accident. Lowering Springs gives you an edge when taking corners by dropping your car's center of gravity and reducing the amount of body roll your car experiences in a turn.

Pedders is a family owned company with a heavy presence in rally car racing so the quality of their springs is a matter of personal pride. Since 1950 they have been manufacturing suspension parts in the rough terrain of Australia so you can bet they know something about designing springs that will take a beating.

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Reduce Body Roll

Coil springs also combat body roll which is the enemy of out-of-the-turn acceleration. The springs can make a big difference in whether or not your car maintains traction in a hard corner. Even small changes in spring rate can reduce body roll and provide you with better handling.

Pedders uses a process called shot peening in which metal shot impacts the coil spring changing the surface of the part to increase the amount of tensile stress the part can endure before it cracks. This means a longer lasting stronger coil spring.

Increase Performance and Durability

Also, Pedders "scraggs" their coil springs which basically means they compress them to a coil bound state. Since this essentially pre-sets the spring you get a part that has increased durability and performance.

All of Pedders coil springs are load tested to give you the most accurate ride height possible. The higher end springs have a height tolerance of +/- 2mm while every spring falls into the +/- 6mm range which is consistent with the OE springs on your vehicle.

The Pedders brand is a staple of the automotive scene in Australia and they have earned a reputation as a trusted manufacturer of suspension parts. Whether it's replacing a broken coil spring or lowering your favorite track car, Pedders has an excellent selection of springs to fit your needs.

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