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Front and Rear Vehicle Essentials Kit
Part Number: wek004
Manufacturer: Whiteline

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Torque Arm Mount Bushing Inserts - Street
Part Number: spf2861-70k
Manufacturer: SuperPro

  • Suits Diesel Engine only OEM 1KO 199 867A
  • Torque Arm Lower Bushing Insert

Front Lower Control Arm Bushing - Rear Position - Single Offset
Part Number: spf4177k
Manufacturer: SuperPro

  • Single Caster Offset

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Front Lower Control Arm Bushings - Rear Position - Double Offset
Part Number: spf4178k
Manufacturer: SuperPro

  • Double Caster Offset
  • Vehicle Application Information:

Rear Upper Control Arm Bushings - Inner Position
Part Number: spf3348k
Manufacturer: SuperPro

Replaces OE# 1K0505323H

Rear Upper Control Arm Bushings - Outer Position
Part Number: spf3349k
Manufacturer: SuperPro

Replaces OE# 1K0505323H

Rear Lower Control Arm Bushings - Front Arm - Inner Position
Part Number: spf3350k
Manufacturer: SuperPro

Replaces OE# 1K0501529/30

Front Sway Bar End Link Kit - Adjustable 320-345mm
Part Number: klc167a
Manufacturer: Whiteline

Fits models with Control Arm Link Mount
Extra Heavy Duty
10mm ball studs

Roll Center Adjusting Kit
Part Number: trc0003
Manufacturer: SuperPro

Includes 2 Ball Joints and 2 Locators


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