Rare Parts RAREPARTS-25522 Front Tie Rod Sleeve

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Front Tie Rod Sleeve

Manufacturer: Rare Parts
Part Number: rareparts-25522

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Price: $17.17

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FitmentFront Tie Rod Sleeve rareparts-25522 fits these vehicles:
  • With Independent Front Suspension
  • Alternate Design; Measure the small dia. of the Ctr Link stud that attaches to the Pitman Arm. Alternate Design = .556 "
  • V8 3.9L 239cid
  • V8 4.2L 259cid
  • V8 4.0L 3957cc 241cid
  • V8 4.3L 4261cc 260cid
  • V8 4.5L 273cid
  • V8 4.4L 4425cc 270cid
  • V8 4.5L 4540cc 277cid
  • V8 5.0L 4966cc 303cid
  • V8 5.0L 4966cc 303cid
  • Manual Steering
  • 11/16 " -18 Threads
  • Base S
  • S Vista Cruiser
  • Fitment for rareparts-25522