spf3099k | Rear Toe Arm Bushings | '09-'15 Forester '12-'15 BRZ

  • spf3099k 360image 1
  • spf3099k Rear Toe Arm Bushings - Inner Position
  • spf3099k Rear Toe Arm Bushings - Inner Position
  • spf3099k Rear Toe Arm Bushings - Inner Position
  • spf3099k Rear Toe Arm Bushings - Inner Position
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Rear Toe Arm Bushings - Inner Position

Manufacturer: SuperPro
Part Number: spf3099k
Price: $69.99

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  • Kits Required Per Vehicle: 1

  • In the box: 2 Metal Sleeves
    4 Bushings
  • SuperPro parts are engineered and tested to stand up to the harshest conditions and use cases, so all SuperPro products are covered under warranty for off-road, racing, and motorsport applications, but some parts are covered for different time periods.

    For Bushings ('SPF' and some 'KIT') - Lifetime Warranty

    For Roll Control ('ALOY', 'RC', 'TRC' and 'DURO') - Three Year Warranty

    What is not covered:

    Installation damage or error, accident or impact damage, product finish and surface corrosion, and wear resulting from failure to align after installation.

    For more information contact our Customer Service folks.

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FitmentRear Toe Arm Bushings - Inner Position spf3099k fits these vehicles:

spf3099k | Rear Toe Arm Bushings | '09-'15 Forester '12-'15 BRZ

  • Outer bushing is ball joint style
  • Toe Control Arm - Inner Bushing

Rear Toe Arm Bushings 2009-2015 Forester + 2012-2015 BRZ

Rear Toe Arm Bushings from SuperPro will replace the soft rubber bushings in the '13-'16 Subaru BRZ or '09-'15 Subaru Forester. These polyurethane rear toe control arm bushings will hold the toe angle of the rear wheels, reducing scrubbing of the tires and straightening the thrust angle.

09-15 subaru forester rear toe arm bushings

Thrust and Toe Angle

The thrust angle of your Subaru determines what direction you move and the toe of your rear wheels has a big impact on the thrust angle. On several year models of popular Subaru vehicles, there is an arm that maintains the toe of your rear wheels. There is a ball joint at one end of the arm and a bushing connecting it to the subframe at the other.

The bushing on the toe arm is made of rubber which absorbs a lot of the vibration from the road to the subframe, but rubber is a vulnerable material that degrades with wear and exposure to the elements. Even in good condition these bushings flex and can allow the toe of the rear tires to shift.

Crooked Take-Offs and Worn Tires

When the rear tires are "toe out" then the wheels are pointed away from center causing your Subaru to wander making straight steering difficult. Conversely, when the rear wheels are "toe in" your car will drive straighter but your turns will be less responsive. Also, when the toe angle of your rear wheels is off-center your tires will scrub along instead of rolling as the vehicle moves forward, wearing down the edge of the tire. This will mean a tire replacement sooner rather than later.

The answer is a stiffer connection to hold the toe arm in place and the maximum performance option would be a metal spherical bushing. But if you have a commute like the folks at DST, which includes back roads and a long caliche driveway, then your daily driver is going to be unbearably harsh.

12-15 subaru brz rear toe arm bushings
superpro polyurethane rear toe arm bushings

Performance and Comfort

SuperPro Polyurethane Toe Arm Bushings will hold the toe angle much better than rubber but provide a cushion that metal bushings lack. If you're looking for the best balance between performance and comfort then these polyurethane toe arm bushings will deliver.

Along with the increased performance that a consistent rear toe angle provides, these bushings are much more durable than rubber. In Central Texas, we can have pavement melting heat on Monday and iced over roads by Friday, and neither of those conditions are kind to rubber bushings. These polyurethane toe arm bushings will endure all the elements and wear that gets thrown their way and are covered by SuperPro's lifetime warranty which covers racing and off-road applications.