trc4767 | Rear Subframe Mount Kit | 15-17 Mustang GT V6 Ecoboost

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  • trc4767 Rear Subframe Mount Kit
  • trc4767 Rear Subframe Mount Kit
  • trc4767 Rear Subframe Mount Kit
  • trc4767 Rear Subframe Mount Kit
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Rear Subframe Mount Kit

Manufacturer: SuperPro
Part Number: trc4767
Price: $344.99

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  • 4 of 4767 - Subframe Bushing
  • 4 of 4767L - Subframe Bushing
  • 4 of 4767U - Subframe Bushing
  • 2 of 3576WA - Washer
  • 1 of 4767IS - Installation Instructions
  • SuperPro parts are engineered and tested to stand up to the harshest conditions and use cases, so all SuperPro products are covered under warranty for off-road, racing, and motorsport applications, but some parts are covered for different time periods.

    For Bushings ('SPF' and some 'KIT') - Lifetime Warranty

    For Roll Control ('ALOY', 'RC', 'TRC' and 'DURO') - Three Year Warranty

    What is not covered:

    Installation damage or error, accident or impact damage, product finish and surface corrosion, and wear resulting from failure to align after installation.

    For more information contact our Customer Service folks.

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FitmentRear Subframe Mount Kit trc4767 fits these vehicles:

trc4767 | Rear Subframe Mount Kit | 15-17 Mustang GT V6 Ecoboost

Fits the GT, V6 and Ecoboost.

Rear Subframe Mount Kit 15-17 Mustang GT, V6, EcoBoost

These Polyurethane Rear Subframe Mounts from SuperPro will replace the original rubber bushings on the 2015-2017 Mustangs and firm up the connection point between the rear suspension components and the rest of your pony. These rear subframe bushings will help eliminate wheel hop on a hard launch, maintain smooth power transfer through the drivetrain, and help keep the alignment of your control arms secure.

15-17 mustang rear subframe bushings
rear subframe bushings 15-17 mustang gt v6 ecoboost

The Glue of your Rear Suspension

The rear subframe holds the rear differential and all of the rear control arms and connects them to the chassis of your IRS Mustang. When you accelerate quickly the drivetrain is throwing a lot of power backward and the rubber bushings that hold the subframe in place will flex, bend, and (with more frequency) allow the subframe to shift. This has negative implications for your rear differential's power transfer and the alignment of your rear wheels and could result in wheel hop among other problems.

This will have more of an impact on the driver who likes to test the limits of their pony or enjoy hitting the local track on the weekends, but your Mustang's handling during even a daily commute can be improved with firmer rear subframe bushings. The drawback is that firmer bushings almost always mean a less comfortable ride, but SuperPro has a performance solution that will also minimize noise and vibration transfer.

The Best of Both Worlds

This Rear Subframe Mount Kit includes SuperPro's special blend of polyurethane and Polyelast (a unique elastomer) which allows you to enjoy performance handling on the road without the jarring ride that usually accompanies stiffer suspension bushings. Polyelast shares some of the absorption properties of rubber but retains it's shape 15 times longer. These bushings will hold the rear subframe of your pony much more solidly than the original rubber, eliminating excess movement of the drivetrain, allowing power to flow smoothly from the engine to the rear contact patch, and keeping your rear wheel alignment secure.

If you want to be competitive on the track, but still be able to comfortably cruise around downtown Dallas, these mounts will give you the best balance of comfort and performance.

polyelast and polyurethane rear subframe bushings 15-17 mustang
15-17 mustang rear differential and rear subframe bushing kits

For More Rear Suspension Performance...

For a discount, the Rear Subframe Mounts and Rear Differential Mounts are combined in one kit for the ultimate performance pony enthusiasts. This kit includes Rear Differential Mounts that will cover the 2015-2017 Mustang GT, V6 and EcoBoost and firm up the drivetrain even more. The differential bushings use the same Polyelast and polyurethane combination as the rear subframe mounts and will more securely connect the rear differential to the frame, eliminating the power lost by soft rubber bushings.

These bushings are backed with a lifetime warranty from SuperPro that includes racing applications so they're expected to stand up to all the punishment you can throw at them and will handle the warranty on these parts in house.

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