Universal Coil Spring Stabilizers

Coil Spring are prone to rubbing, and proper alignment is impossible if the coil spring aren't operating at the original design height. A coil spring stabilizer ensures your coil spring stays at their original design height. Two coil spring spacers are recommended per spring, and be sure to install from the inside of the coil spring. Due to the curvature of some springs, two different sizes may be required. When measuring your spring, one space should be skipped between coils.

universal coil spring stabilizer measurements

Regular Stabilizers

For average diameter springs - 0.63" diameter

Part Number Diameter
SPC-24650 5/8 in
SPC-24700 7/8 in
SPC-24701 7/8 in (Short Nose)
SPC-24960 1 in
SPC-24970 1-1/4 in
SPC-24800 1-1/2 in
SPC-24850 1-3/4 in
SPC-24900 2 in
SPC-24950 2-1/2 in

Narrow Stabilizers

For smaller diameter springs - 0.58" diameter

Part Number Height - "A"
SPC-24640 5/8 in
SPC-24690 7/8 in
SPC-24750 1-1/4 in
SPC-24751 1-1/4 in (Short Nose)
SPC-24740 1-1/4 in (Small Radius)
SPC-24790 1-1/2 in