Hyper-Glide Creeper Wheels

Image of Creeper Wheels
Size of Wheels Number of Wheels in Set Part Number
2" / 50mm Diameter 4 9.9169
2" / 50mm Diameter 6 9.9170
2.375" Diameter 4 9.9171
2.375" Diameter 6 9.9172

Image of Creeper Wheels

Made of superior formulation HYPER-FLEX™ polyurethane and uses high precision bearings. Experience little or no rolling resistance! The unique polyurethane material and design allows smooth, unimpeded rolling for indoor/outdoor ease of movement over cracks, washers, misc. debris, etc.

  • Fits Most Standard Caster Assemblies.
  • Available in red or black.
  • Rides on precision ABEC high quality bearings.
  • Installs in a few minutes with two 5/32" hex wrenches (not included).
  • All hardware is included.

HYPER-glide™ Are Valuable To Use For:

  • Automotive-Type Mechanic Creepers
  • Small Tool Chests and Trays
  • Many Kinds Of Seats That With Caster Wheels
  • Various Types of Table and Rack Carriers That Use Caster Wheels

IF YOU NEED IMPROVED MOBILITY- YOU NEED HYPER-glide™ Creeper Wheels! You've got to try them to believe it!