Superpro Polyurethane Rods

Create your own parts by cutting, drilling, shaping or machining SuperPro's solid DIY polyurethane rods in their signature blue. It would be great if there was a bushing already made to fit your needs, but when that doesn't happen: insert SuperPro machinable polyurethane rods. With a SuperPro poly rod, you can cut your own bushing to the exact specifications you need. Whether you need one bushing or you want to make five hundred, SuperPro's machinable polyurethane rods are made of the highest quality polyurethane to provide strength, durability and performance to any application. Available in several sizes and durometers. Match your measurements below:

SuperPro DIY Solid Polyurethane Rod

Part Number Image Length Outside Diameter Durometer Options
SPROD1-70K superpro sprod1-70k 11.8 inches - 300mm 1 inch - 25mm 70A - 80A - 90A
SPROD1.5-70K superpro sprod1-70k 11.8 inches - 300mm 1.5 inches - 38mm 70A - 80A - 90A
SPROD2-70K superpro sprod2-70k 11.8 inches - 300mm 2 inches - 50mm 70A - 80A - 90A
SPROD2.5-80K superpro sprod2-90k 11.8 inches - 300mm 2.5 inches - 63mm 80A - 90A
SPROD3-70K superpro sprod3-80k 11.8 inches - 300mm 3 inches - 76mm 70A - 80A - 90A
SPROD3.5-70k superpro sprod3-80k 11.8 inches - 300mm 3.5 inches - 88mm 70A - 80A - 90A
SPROD4-70K superpro sprod3-80k 11.8 inches - 300mm 4 inches - 101mm 70A - 80A - 90A