Polyurethane Bushing Grease

Polyurethane bushings are very durable but to ensure they're operating properly they need to be maintained with lubricant. Suspension.com carries several different brands of poly bushing grease from bushing manufacturers that are the best options for maintaining those bushings.

Most polyurethane bushings employ a free-floating design which means they rotate in their housings and to make that process smoother they need to be lubricated. Almost any grease will work for a while but the stress of articulation and elements like water can push grease out or wash it away. The grease options below are from some of the top poly bushing manufacturers and are designed to stick with your bushings and keep them rotating freely. Poly bushings that aren't greased also have a tendency to squeak, but with the lubricants below you can ensure a squeak-free ride.

Image Part Number Description Brand
mini-grease-gun-combo Mini Grease Gun Combo Mini Grease Gun with Mystik Marine-Grade Grease 3oz Tube DST
191750 191750 3 Pack of 5ml Grease Tubes Prothane
191751 191751 14 Ounce Tube Suitable for Grease Guns Prothane
mystik-jt6-hp-marine-grease mystik-jt6-hp-marine-grease 14 Ounce Tube Suitable for Grease Guns DST
KU11002 KU11002 8 oz (4 - 2 oz containers) Daystar
KU11004 KU11004 3 oz grease cartridge Daystar
KU11005 KU11005 3 oz grease gun (3 oz grease cartridge included) Daystar
9.11110 9.11110 3 pack of 5ml Bushing Lube Tubes Energy Suspension
9.11104 9.11104 Large 8 oz Bushing Lube Tub Energy Suspension
9.11111 9.11111 100 Pack of 5ml Tubes Energy Suspension
Image Unavailable 9.11115 1 Gallon Bucket Energy Suspension
superpro-lubricant superpro-lubricant 3 Pack of 5ml Tubes SuperPro
whiteline-lubricant whiteline-lubricant 3 Pack of 5ml Tubes Whiteline
W93200 W93200 10 Pack of 5ml Tubes Whiteline
W93201 W93201 50 Pack of 5ml Tubes Whiteline
Grease Gun Combo Grease Gun Combo Grease Gun w/ flex hose and heavy duty grease DST