Whiteline W0410-27 Universal Sway Bar Bushings - 27mm (1.06 inch)

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Universal Sway Bar Bushings - 27mm (1.06 inch)

Manufacturer: Whiteline
Part Number: w0410-27
Price: $19.26

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Suggested part for w0410-27: ks30
ks30 Sway Bar Mounting Brackets
The Universal Sway Bar Bushings don't include new brackets. You will want to include the brackets with the bushings.

Suggested part for w0410-27: whiteline-lubricant
whiteline-lubricant EZE Grease Polyurethane Bushing Lubricant and Prelube - 3 Pack
Whiteline provides grease to install these parts, but you can never have too much. Grab an extra 3-pack of grease so you can more liberally apply grease when installing.

  • WHITELINE bushing kits with part numbers from W00001 to WZZZZZ and KSK000 to KSKZZZ (Bushing Kits) are covered for their lifetime.

    WHITELINE performance products include sway bar/ anti-roll-kits (excluding installation components) and bracing and alignment kits with part numbers from BAF000 to BZZZZZ, KCA000 to KCAZZZ, KSB000 to KSBZZZ, KLC000 to KLCZZZ and KDT000 to KDTZZZ (Performance Products) are covered for 3 years from the date of original installation.
FitmentUniversal Sway Bar Bushings - 27mm (1.06 inch) w0410-27 fits these vehicles:
Use with KS30 Backet Set

Whiteline Sway Bar Bushings

Intended to hold your sway bar in place, sway bar bushings play an important role in your suspension. Whereas OE bushings are made of a soft rubber, Whiteline Sway Bar bushings are made of synthetic elastomer, a much more durable material. Whiteline's elastomer does not break down due to road grime, weather or oils the way the rubber can. Have the peace of mind knowing you have a long-lasting part on your sway bar with Whiteline's sway bar bushings. Synthetic elastomer sway bar bushings provide a secure grip on the sway bar and do not warp over time. With this snug grip, your vehicle will see a performance boost similar to installing a larger sway bar.

Whiteline Sway Bar Bushing Bag
Whiteline Sway Bar Bushing Faulty Rubber

Faulty Rubber

A sway bar's function is to maintain the maximum amount of road contact while driving. The sway bar is held tightly to the frame of the vehicle via sway bar bushings. Original Equipment rubber bushings, as mentioned previously, can warp and/or crack, losing their grip on the bar. This causes your sway bar to lose its effectiveness. Just look at the old rubber sway bar bushing to the left. Imagine how good of a grip that thing could (not) keep on a sway bar.

Fitment for w0410-27
INFINITI G37 (2008-ON)
LEXUS IS250 GSE20 Rear Wheel Drive (2005-2013)
LEXUS IS350 GSE21 Rear Wheel Drive (1/2008-4/2013)
NISSAN 370Z Z34 (2008-ON)
NISSAN SKYLINE V36 Rear Wheel Drive (11/2006-ON)