Rear Track Arm Bar Bushings - Suzuki Swift - w81457

  • w81457 Rear Panhard Rod Bushings
  • w81457 Rear Panhard Rod Bushings

Rear Panhard Rod Bushings

Manufacturer: Whiteline
Part Number: w81457

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Price: $26.82

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  • WHITELINE bushing kits with part numbers from W00001 to WZZZZZ and KSK000 to KSKZZZ (Bushing Kits) are covered for their lifetime.

    WHITELINE performance products include sway bar/ anti-roll-kits (excluding installation components) and bracing and alignment kits with part numbers from BAF000 to BZZZZZ, KCA000 to KCAZZZ, KSB000 to KSBZZZ, KLC000 to KLCZZZ and KDT000 to KDTZZZ (Performance Products) are covered for 3 years from the date of original installation.

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FitmentRear Panhard Rod Bushings w81457 fits these vehicles:

Rear Track Arm Bar Bushings - Suzuki Swift - w81457

Adjust Your Handling and Body Roll

When taking a corner your suspension shifts slightly. How much it shifts is largely determined by the quality of the bushings used to mount your track bar (a.k.a Panhard Bar). The track bar's primary job is to keep your suspension centered underneath your vehicle. Other tasks the track bar, and it's bushings, accomplish include the elimination of body roll and increasing your handling overall.

Whiteline Bag
Whiteline Bag

Whiteline Track Bar Bushings

Unfortunately, most OE track bar bushings are made of rubber. While rubber may be good at absorbing vibrations, it doesn't last long. Whiteline crafts all of their track bar bushings with synthetic elastomer, a material much sturdier than rubber. All but immune to both physical wear and corrosion, Whiteline's track bar bushings will undoubtedly outlast and outperform the OE rubber. This increased durability also adds a chance for slightly increased NVH. However, the dramatic increase in your handling and overall safety is well worth it. Plus, Whiteline covers all of their track bar bushings with a lifetime warranty handled in-house here at DST.