moog-k7308 | Rear Leaf Spring Bushings | Chrysler Cordoba 1975-1983

  • moog-k7308 360image 1
  • moog-k7308 Rear Leaf Spring Shackle Bushing (Split Style)
  • moog-k7308 Rear Leaf Spring Shackle Bushing (Split Style)
  • moog-k7308 Rear Leaf Spring Shackle Bushing (Split Style)
  • moog-k7308 Rear Leaf Spring Shackle Bushing (Split Style)
  • moog-k7308 Rear Leaf Spring Shackle Bushing (Split Style)
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Rear Leaf Spring Shackle Bushing (Split Style)

Manufacturer: MOOG
Part Number: moog-k7308
Price: $13.78

check_box In Stock check_box Ships Immediately

  • Moog fulfills their warranty through their individual dealers. That means that in order to receive warranty support, you will have to refer back to the original dealer you purchased the part from. Be sure to check the dealer's warranty support before you buy the part to make sure that they will properly support the warranty. If a dealer will only refer you back to the manufacturer in order to receive warranty support, then you may not actually have any warranty at all.


    Moog Premium Steering Components carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Moog R-Series Control Arms, Hub Assemblies, and Strut Assemblies carry a 3 Year Warranty.

    Moog warranties their parts to be free of defects in materials and/or workmanship during these timeframes as measured from the date of purchase.

    If a Moog part should fail due to materials or manufacturing defect while under warranty, we will provide a replacement of the part upon return of the defective part.

FitmentRear Leaf Spring Shackle Bushing (Split Style) moog-k7308 fits these vehicles:

moog-k7308 | Rear Leaf Spring Bushings | Chrysler Cordoba 1975-1983

Fits Left or Right Side
MOOG moog-k7308

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MOOG moog-k7308

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starstarstarstarstar" Review 2 Years Later "

Kinda sloppy looking bushings, but worked perfectly. The odd OEM oval main leaf bushing went out soon after, I recommend doing both ends of the spring at the same time.

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . MOOG moog-k7308 - 5 out of 5

starstarstarstarstar_border" great "

Works as intended.

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . MOOG moog-k7308 - 4 out of 5

starstarstarstarstar" Lifesaving "

I had spent months looking for a matching part # for my 94 town and country, and 93 caravans. The Dodge dealer wanted almost $300 for a spring shackle and bushing kit when all I needed was these moog bushings. Every parts store couldn't locate the part or had to "special order" them for no less then $80 per set of 4, in which I needed 2 boxes for a total of 8 bushings to fix the problem. Was greatly impressed that I paid less than $30 for these parts thru your parts database and most defiantly will be returning for future suspension parts when need be.

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . MOOG moog-k7308 - 5 out of 5
Fitment for moog-k7308
MakeModelYear RangePositionDrive WheelQuantity RequiredEngine BaseEngine VINEngine Designation
Chrysler3001971-1955Rear Quantity 4
ChryslerCordoba1983-1975Rear Quantity 4
ChryslerFifth Avenue1989-1983Rear Quantity 4
ChryslerImperial1983-1951Rear Quantity 4
ChryslerLeBaron1981-1977Rear Quantity 4
ChryslerNew Yorker1982-1953Rear Quantity 4
ChryslerNewport1981-1953Rear Quantity 4
ChryslerSaratoga1960-1957Rear Quantity 4
ChryslerSt Regis1956-1955Rear Quantity 4
ChryslerTown & Country1981-1956Rear Quantity 4
ChryslerTown & Country1965-1959Rear Quantity 4 6.7L V8 6769cc/413cid
ChryslerTown & Country1964-1961Rear Quantity 4 5.9L V8 5917cc/361cid
ChryslerWindsor1961-1960Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DeSotoAdventurer1960-1956Rear Quantity 4
DeSotoDeSoto1961Rear Quantity 4
DeSotoFiredome1959-1954Rear Quantity 4
DeSotoFireflite1960-1955Rear Quantity 4
DeSotoFiresweep1959-1957Rear Quantity 4
DeSotoPowermaster1954Rear Quantity 4
Dodge3301964Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
Dodge4401964Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
Dodge8801965-1962Rear Quantity 4
DodgeA1001970-1964Rear To Spring Quantity 2
DodgeA100 Truck1970-1964Rear To Spring Quantity 2
DodgeA108 Van1970-1967Rear To Spring Quantity 2
DodgeAspen1980-1976Rear Quantity 4
DodgeB1001980-1975Rear Quantity 4
DodgeB100 Van1974-1971Rear Quantity 4
DodgeB1501994-1981Rear Quantity 4
DodgeB1501982Rear Quantity 2
DodgeB15001997-1995Rear Quantity 4
DodgeB2001980-1975Rear Quantity 4
DodgeB200 Van1974-1971Rear Quantity 4
DodgeB2501994-1981Rear Quantity 4
DodgeB25001997-1995Rear Quantity 4
DodgeB3001980-1975Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 4
DodgeB300 Van1974-1971Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 4
DodgeB3501994Rear Quantity 4
DodgeB3501993-1981Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 4
DodgeB35001998Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeB35001997-1995Rear Quantity 4
DodgeCaravan1985-1984Rear Quantity 4
DodgeCB3001980-1974Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeChallenger1974-1970Rear Quantity 4
DodgeCharger1978-1966Rear Quantity 4
DodgeCoronet1976-1955Rear Quantity 4
DodgeCustom1961-1960Rear Quantity 4
DodgeDiplomat1989-1977Rear Quantity 4
DodgeLancer1959-1956Rear Quantity 4
DodgeM3001974Rear Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeMagnum1979-1978Rear Quantity 4
DodgeMini Ram1985-1984Rear Quantity 4
DodgeMirada1983-1980Rear Quantity 4
DodgeMonaco1978-1965Rear Quantity 4
DodgeOmni1981Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgePolara1973-1960Rear Quantity 4
DodgeRam 3500 Van2001-1999Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeRampage1984-1982Rear Lower Quantity 2
DodgeRampage1984-1982Rear Upper Quantity 2
DodgeRoyal Monaco1977-1975Rear Quantity 4
DodgeRoyal Monaco1977Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
DodgeSierra1956Rear Quantity 4
DodgeSt. Regis1979Rear Quantity 4
FargoA100 Van1970-1964Rear To Spring Quantity 2
FargoA108 Van1970-1967Rear To Spring Quantity 2
FargoB200 Van1972-1971Rear Quantity 4
FargoB300 Van1972-1971Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 4
FordThunderbird1961Rear Fixed End Quantity 2
International1100B1967Front Forward Quantity 2
International1100B1967Front Forward4WD Quantity 2
International1100B1967Front Lower Quantity 2
International1100B1967Front Lower4WD Quantity 2
International1100C1968Front Forward Quantity 2
International1100C1968Front Forward4WD Quantity 2
International1100C1968Front Lower Quantity 2
International1100C1968Front Lower4WD Quantity 2
International1100D1970-1969Front Forward Quantity 2
International1100D1970-1969Front Forward4WD Quantity 1
International1100D1970-1969Front Lower Quantity 2
International1100D1970-1969Front Lower4WD Quantity 1
International1100D1969Front RearwardRWD Quantity 4
International1200A1966Front Forward4WD Quantity 2
International1200A1966Front Lower4WD Quantity 2
International1200A1966Front Rearward4WD Quantity 4
International1200B1967Front Forward4WD Quantity 2
International1200B1967Front Lower4WD Quantity 2
International1200B1967Front Rearward4WD Quantity 4
International1200C1968Front Forward4WD Quantity 2
International1200C1968Front Lower4WD Quantity 2
International1200C1968Front Rearward4WD Quantity 4
International1200D1970-1969Front Forward Quantity 2
International1200D1970-1969Front Lower Quantity 2
International1300D1970-1969Front Forward Quantity 2
International1300D1970-1969Front Lower Quantity 2
International900A1967-1966Front Forward Quantity 2
International900A1967-1966Front Lower Quantity 2
International908B1967Front Forward Quantity 2
International908B1967Front Lower Quantity 2
International908C1968Front Forward Quantity 2
International908C1968Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalA100 Truck1958-1957Front Quantity 4
InternationalA100 Truck1958-1957Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalA1021958-1957Front Quantity 4
InternationalA1021958-1957Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalA1101958-1957Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalA1101958-1957Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalA1121958-1957Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalA1121958-1957Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalA1201958-1957Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalA1201958-1957Front Forward4WD Quantity 1
InternationalA1201958-1957Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalA1201958-1957Front Lower4WD Quantity 1
InternationalA1221958-1957Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalA1221958-1957Front Forward4WD Quantity 1
InternationalA1221958-1957Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalA1221958-1957Front Lower4WD Quantity 1
InternationalA1301958-1957Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalA1301958-1957Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalA1321958-1957Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalA1321958-1957Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalB1001960-1959Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalB1001960-1959Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalB1021960-1959Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalB1021960-1959Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalB1101960-1959Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalB1101960-1959Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalB1121960-1959Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalB1121960-1959Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalB1201960-1959Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalB1201960-1959Front Forward4WD Quantity 1
InternationalB1201960-1959Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalB1201960-1959Front Lower4WD Quantity 1
InternationalB1221960-1959Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalB1221960-1959Front Forward4WD Quantity 1
InternationalB1221960-1959Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalB1221960-1959Front Lower4WD Quantity 1
InternationalB1301960-1959Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalB1301960-1959Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalB1321960-1959Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalB1321960-1959Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalC1101962-1961Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalC1101962-1961Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalC1121962-1961Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalC1121962-1961Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalC1201962-1961Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalC1201962-1961Front Forward4WD Quantity 1
InternationalC1201962-1961Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalC1201962-1961Front Lower4WD Quantity 1
InternationalC1221962-1961Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalC1221962-1961Front Forward4WD Quantity 1
InternationalC1221962-1961Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalC1221962-1961Front Lower4WD Quantity 1
InternationalC1301962-1961Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalC1301962-1961Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalC1321962-1961Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalC1321962-1961Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalM11001971-1966Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalM11001971-1966Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalM12001971-1968Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalM12001971-1968Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalM7001967-1966Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalM7001967-1966Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalM8001968-1966Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalM8001968-1966Front Lower Quantity 2
InternationalMA12001970-1968Front Forward Quantity 2
InternationalMA12001970-1968Front Lower Quantity 2
PackardCaribbean1956-1955Rear Quantity 4
PackardCaribbean1956-1955Rear Fixed End Quantity 2
PackardExecutive1956Rear Quantity 4
PackardExecutive1956Rear Fixed End Quantity 2
PackardFour-Hundred1956-1955Rear Quantity 4
PackardFour-Hundred1956-1955Rear Fixed End Quantity 2
PackardPatrician1956-1955Rear Quantity 4
PackardPatrician1956-1955Rear Fixed End Quantity 2
PlymouthBelvedere1970-1955Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthBelvedere II1967-1965Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthCaravelle1989-1978Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthFleet Special1963-1962Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthFury1978-1956Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthFury1974-1966Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthFury I1974-1968Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthFury II1974-1965Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthFury III1974-1965Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthGran Fury1989-1972Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthGTX1971-1967Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthHorizon1984-1978Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthPB1001980-1975Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthPB100 Van1974Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthPB1501983-1981Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthPB2001980-1975Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthPB200 Van1974Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthPB2501983-1981Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthPB3001980-1975Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthPB300 Van1974Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthPB3501983-1981Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthRoadrunner1975-1968Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthSatellite1974-1965Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthSavoy1964-1962Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthSavoy1961-1960Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthScamp1983Rear Upper Quantity 2
PlymouthSport Wagon1961-1960Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthSuburban1961-1960Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthSuburban1961-1955Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthSuperbird1970Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthTC31982-1981Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthTurismo1984-1983Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthTurismo 2.21984-1983Rear Upper Rearward Quantity 2
PlymouthVolare1980-1976Rear Quantity 4
PlymouthVoyager1985-1984Rear Quantity 4

question_answer Customer Questions and Answers

I would like to buy online a set of rear leaf sprigs bushings for my 1981 dodge ram van b350.
No problem, the part you are looking for is MOOG-K7308 Rear Leaf Spring Shackle Bushings. 

What is the OD of K7308?
The OD is 1.110 inches

Which rear leaf spring shackle bushings do I need to get for my 1970 Cuda? the moog-k7308 or the moog-k7309?
the moog-k7308 is what is fitted as an OE stock replacement for your 1970 Plymouth Cuda. The difference between the moog-k7308 and moog-k7309 is that the moog-k7309 is a little smaller than the moog-k7308. moog-k7308 has a length of 1.69

Does part numbers k7308 and k7309 fit my 1971 barracuda?
No, only part number k7309 fits the 1971 barracuda.

What is the outside diameter of the bushing k7308?
Part Specs are: OD = 1.110 in