Dodge Journey 2017 Suspension Parts

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Suspension Control Arm Bushing
Part Number: moog-k201184
Manufacturer: MOOG
Front Lower Control Arm Bushings - Inner Front Position
Part Number: spf2418k
Manufacturer: SuperPro

  • Control Arm Lower - Inner Front Kit

Rear Strut Bellows
Part Number: moog-k201554
Manufacturer: MOOG
Rear Upper Control Arm Bushing - Outer Position
Part Number: spf3359k
Manufacturer: SuperPro

  • Control Arm and Upper Inner Bushing

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Accept Terms (3-6 weeks)
Front Strut Bellow / Bumper Kit
Part Number: moog-k90460
Manufacturer: MOOG

Covers Left or Right Side. Includes Bump Stop

Rear Sway Bar Bushing - 24mm (0.93 inch)
Part Number: moog-k200216_rear
Manufacturer: MOOG
Front Axis Camber Alignment Bolt
Part Number: moog-k90474
Manufacturer: MOOG

  • Adjustable range from -1 3/4 to +1 3/4 degrees, 14mm bolt
  • 2 needed per vehicle


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