Authorized Dealer of SuperPro Products is an authorized dealer of the SuperPro brand. SuperPro guarantees their products to be free of defects and offers a lifetime warranty for all of their suspension products which includes racing and off-road applications. Every SuperPro suspension part shipped from our warehouse is in brand new condition and is guaranteed to be manufactured in SuperPro's factory in Australia with high quality materials so you will never receive a knock-off suspension part when you purchase from us.

As an authorized online dealer of SuperPro suspension products, we consider it our number one priority to provide customer support to all of our current and potential customers. Our experience in the suspension parts industry means we have the tools to aid each customer with their purchase and, if necessary, assist with post-purchase issues like fulfilling a manufacturer warranty. is owned and operated by Diverse Suspension Technologies, LLC which is a wholesale warehouse distributor of SuperPro Suspension Parts. DST has been in business since 2003 and operates a warehouse in Stephenville, TX stocked with over a half million dollars in suspension parts. Diverse Suspension Technologies works exclusively within the market of suspension products. With our high capacity warehouse, we have more products readily available to ship to our customers than many other online dealers.

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