Better Than New Parts.

Most Polyurethane Suspension Parts will increase the Noise, Vibration, or Harshness of your Suspension. Only SuperPro has an NVH Warranty that proves their parts wont let you down like all the rest.
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Lifetime Guarantee Like No Other

SuperPro Suspension Bushings, Sway Bars, and Control Arms carry the most potent Lifetime Warranty we have ever seen. If a SuperPro product ever fails you, they will replace it Free of Charge with No Exceptions


Proven Parts

SuperPro isn't a household name in Australia by accident. Their reputation comes from a long history of being an innovator in the industry while their competition is happy selling the same old stuff they were making decades ago. These innovations have produced suspension components with traits you wont find anywhere else. You can read for yourself what other customers are saying about their experience with SuperPro parts here in the United States.

Real. Suspension. Experts.


Real Customer Support

We have been trained by the best people SuperPro has to offer. We know these parts and the technology behind them better than anybody else and we'll use that knowledge to get you back on the road fast.


ASE Certified Mechanic

Chat with a real ASE certified mechanic just by picking up the phone. Experience matters, and we have it. You can feel confident you're in good hands when contacting us for support.


Real Phone Support

We are real folks in Texas, USA.You'll never receive support that has been outsourced.


Real People

We have enjoyed a long relationship with SuperPro. When you buy your SuperPro parts from us, you benefit from that relationship by having access to the best information possible from the most informed people possible. That means that you, the customer, are never left hanging when you need assistance.

Same Day Shipping

You needed these parts yesterday, so we shipped them in from Australia last week!

Fast Shipping

SuperPro parts may be made in Australia, but we stock them here in Texas, USA. You expect your order to reach you quickly, so we have these parts on our shelves where they'll reach you typically within just 2 or 3 days.


Actually On The Shelf

There's nothing quite like holding a part in your hands before you buy it. You can compare it to your old parts, or see exactly what comes in the box. Unlike other dealers, we can walk out to our warehouse and put our hands on the exact part you're ordering so that you can be certain you're getting what you need.

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