spf1590bk | Front Upper Strut Mount and Bearing 04-06 GTO 08-09 G8

  • spf1590bk 360image 1
  • spf1590bk Front Upper Strut Mount w/ Bearing
  • spf1590bk Front Upper Strut Mount w/ Bearing
  • spf1590bk Front Upper Strut Mount w/ Bearing
  • spf1590bk Front Upper Strut Mount w/ Bearing
  • spf1590bk Front Upper Strut Mount w/ Bearing
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Front Upper Strut Mount w/ Bearing

Manufacturer: SuperPro
Part Number: spf1590bk
Price: $229.99

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  • Kits Required Per Vehicle: 1

  • In the box: 2 Bushings
    2 Bushingsearings
  • SuperPro parts are engineered and tested to stand up to the harshest conditions and use cases, so all SuperPro products are covered under warranty for off-road, racing, and motorsport applications, but some parts are covered for different time periods.

    For Bushings ('SPF' and some 'KIT') - Lifetime Warranty

    For Roll Control ('ALOY', 'RC', 'TRC' and 'DURO') - Three Year Warranty

    What is not covered:

    Installation damage or error, accident or impact damage, product finish and surface corrosion, and wear resulting from failure to align after installation.

    For more information contact our Customer Service folks.

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FitmentFront Upper Strut Mount w/ Bearing spf1590bk fits these vehicles:

spf1590bk | Front Upper Strut Mount and Bearing 04-06 GTO 08-09 G8

  • Polyelast Mount and Washers
  • Vehicle Application Information:
Durometer 80A (Performance Driving)
Bearing Included

Front Upper Strut Mount and Bearing 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 | 2004-2006 GTO

The Front Upper Strut Mounts on your 08-09 G8 or 04-06 GTO are made of rubber and allow a lot of caster change when you hit the gas from a dead stop. When these mounts wear down your Pontiac's wheel alignment can change and you might notice less responsive steering during a turn, grinding or knocking sound during take off, or uneven tire wear. To resolve these problems you need to replace those mounts, and if you want more longevity or steering performance from your Pontiac then SuperPro has more durable front strut mount with a new bearing.

08-09 g8 front upper strut mounts
04-06 pontiac gto front upper strut mounts

Front Strut Alignment

The front struts on your G8 or GTO support the weight of the vehicle, hold the wheels in alignment, and absorb bumps and vibration from the road. At the point where the top of the strut mounts to the frame there is a bushing with a bearing inside. These mounts are made of rubber and as they flex and bend as your suspension travels they begin to wear down and won't be able to hold your strut in place, which will throw off the alignment of your wheels.

This will affect your hard launches and the responsiveness of your Pontiac during a turn, and while tightening down on the mount will reduce the noise for a while, eventually, those mounts will have to be replaced. When you're merging onto I-20 between two semi trucks you don't want wheel alignment to affect your steering.

Replace or Upgrade

If you just want to restore your factory ride you can get more OE rubber mounts, but those will share the same vunerabilities as the originals. A more durable, performance enhancing option are the Front Strut Mounts and Bearings from SuperPro.

These strut mounts are manufactured from polyurethane which holds it's shape much better than rubber so it will maintain the alignment of your strut and, consequently, your front wheels. Polyurethane is also immune to the elements that can cause rubber to crack and degrade, and SuperPro warranties these bushings for life. This means better turning response for a longer period of time and a consistant caster angle to stabilize those hard launches.

polyurethane front upper strut mounts g8 and gto
front upper strut bushings with bearing for pontiac

Performance Strut Mounts

These are performance parts that are meant for a driver who is willing to sacrifice a little comfort in their ride to increase handling and take-off ability. You will notice some increase in vibration from the road to the cabin, but the performance and longevity benefits of stable front wheel alignment will pay off for the corner carvers, stoplight drag racers, or those who just don't want to replace this part again.

SuperPro backs these bushings with one of the best warranties in the business that won't be voided by off-road or racing applications. Suspension.com is so confident in these parts, we will handle any warranty issues for you in house.

SuperPro spf1590bk

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SuperPro spf1590bk

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starstarstarstarstar" Review 1 Year Later "

They are working just as described. No problem at all. I highly recommend them.

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . SuperPro spf1590bk - 5 out of 5

starstarstarstarstar" Great strut mounts "

I love SuperPro use their bushings for everything they have a great lifetime warranty with no hassle and the fact that suspension.com has them is great you used to only get them from higher priced places plus quick shipping you cant go wrong great place to do business.

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . SuperPro spf1590bk - 5 out of 5
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