spf3817k | Rear Trailing Arm Bushings | BRZ FRS 2012- | WRX 2014-

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  • spf3817k Rear Trailing Arm Bushings - Front Position
  • spf3817k Rear Trailing Arm Bushings - Front Position
  • spf3817k Rear Trailing Arm Bushings - Front Position
  • spf3817k Rear Trailing Arm Bushings - Front Position
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Rear Trailing Arm Bushings - Front Position

Manufacturer: SuperPro
Part Number: spf3817k
Price: $59.99

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  • From the 1st of February 2013 the SuperPro warranty becomes a Lifetime Warranty with no exclusions.
    This means that if a SuperPro product fails, ever, we will replace the product free of charge.
    With SuperPros technical superiority in material, design and manufacture a lifetime warranty with no exclusions for off-road, track and competition use is a guarantee we can make with complete confidence.
    Our goal is to make SuperPro the only choice of suspension bushings for repair, off-road and performance applications in the mind of workshops and consumers.
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  • spf3817k | Rear Trailing Arm Bushings | BRZ FRS 2012- | WRX 2014-

    Rear Trailing Arm Bushings | Front Position Subaru BRZ + Scion FRS 2012-

    These Rear Trailing Arm Bushings from SuperPro will replace the soft original bushings on the front position of the rear trailing arms of the '12-'16 Subaru BRZ or Scion FRS. As the connection points between the chassis and the knuckle, the rear trailing arm bushings need to be secure to maintain the alignment angles of your suspension components and your wheels.

    subaru brz rear trailing arm bushings front position
    scion frs rear trailing arm bushings

    Is Rubber up to the Task?

    The rear trailing arms have the job of holding the knuckle to the subframe, and since the knuckle is where the wheel meets everything else, making sure it's stable is pretty important. The trailing arm takes a lot of punishment while you're driving, which is why it's made of durable steel. But whether you own a 2015 FRS or 2009 Forester the bushings connecting the trailing arm to the subframe and the knuckle are made of rubber.

    This is just fine for a minivan taking trips to the local elementary school or soccer practice, but when traveling at speed you want secure wheel alignment. The heat generated by your Subaru or Scion can degrade rubber or even just hard cornering can cause those bushings to wear down and leave you with misaligned wheels and uneven tire wear.

    The SuperPro Solution

    If you own one of these makes or models then the original trailing arm bushings are made of rubber. If you've noticed a clunking noise during take-off or braking, or some "scrubbing" wear on the rear tires, then the culprit could be worn or degraded rear trailing arm bushings. Even in good condition these bushings will flex under pressure and could change the thrust angle of your FRS or BRZ.

    If you're looking for a permanent solution to these problems then you can't go wrong with SuperPro's Polyurethane Rear Trailing Arm Bushings for the front position. They will provide a dramatic increase to performance compared to rubber and since polyurethane does not flex like rubber it can hold the trailing arms securely in place when you slam the accelerator or the brakes.

    superpro polyurethane rear trailing arm bushings subaru and scion

    Lifetime of Performance

    Besides the increase in alignment stability, these polyurethane bushings will outlast rubber bushings by a long shot. Common wear and the elements will eventually degrade rubber to the point of uselessness but these SuperPro bushings are under a lifetime warranty that includes off-road and racing applications, and our DST customer service staff will handle that process in-house to save you any headache.

    One thing to consider about polyurethane bushings is that a firmer connection between the wheel and the frame means more road feel will make it's way to the cabin. If comfort is hands down the most important thing then rubber bushings provide the softest ride, but if you're willing to sacrifice a small amount of the current vibration absorption then poly bushings will give a big boost to performance.