SuperPro Universal Coil Spring Spacers

SuperPro Coil Spring Spacers have a much longer lifespan than the rubber spacers that come stock on your vehicle.

Your coil springs hold the weight of your vehicle but they sit on a thin rubber pad which prevents the metal of the spring rubbing against the seating. Just imagine what daily driving will eventually do to that pad, much less off-roading or driving on rough terrain. When that pad is done the friction between the spring and the seat will produce a metalic screech.

SuperPro offers polyurethane spacers that form a much stronger buffer for the coil spring and are backed by a lifetime warranty that includes off-road and racing applications which DST will handle for you in-house. If you want a spacer that will outlast the originals by a long shot check out SuperPro.

SuperPro Universal Coil Spring Spacer Diagram 1 SuperPro Universal Coil Spring Spacer Diagram 2
Images Part Number Dimensions
spf0122-12k SPF0122-12K A=119mm B=66.3mm C=12mm.
spf0122-19k SPF0122-19K A=119mm B=66.3mm C=19mm.
spf0122-8k SPF0122-8K A=119mm B=66.3mm C=8mm.
spf0208-12k SPF0208-12K A=77mm B=45mm C=12mm D=24mm E=49mm
spf0208-16k SPF0208-16K A=77mm B=45mm C=16mm D=24mm E=49mm
spf0208-19k SPF0208-19K A=77mm B=45mm C=19mm D=24mm E=49mm
spf0208-6k SPF0208-6K A=77mm B=45mm C=6mm D=24mm E=49mm
spf0210-12k SPF0210-12K A=108mm B=55mm C=12mm D=15mm E=67mm
spf0210-19k SPF0210-19K A=108mm B=55mm C=19mm D=15mm E=67mm
spf0210-6k SPF0210-6K A=108mm B=55mm C=6mm D=15mm E=67mm
spf0210-8k SPF0210-8K A=108mm B=55mm C=8mm D=15mm E=67mm
spf0252-10k SPF0252-10K A=140mm B=100mm C=10mm
spf0252-3k SPF0252-3K A=140mm B=100mm C=3mm
spf0252-6k SPF0252-6K A=140mm B=100mm C=6mm
spf0271-10k SPF0271-10K A=122mm B=93.5mm C=10mm
spf0271-6k SPF0271-6K A=122mm B=93.5mm C=6mm
spf0352k SPF0352K A=26mm
spf0353k SPF0353K A=49mm
spf0385-10k SPF0385-10K A=125mm B=76mm C=22mm D=23mm E=94mm, Helical Spring Seat
spf0385-5k SPF0385-5K A=125mm B=76mm C=17mm D=23mm E=94mm, Helical Spring Seat
spf0385k SPF0385K A=125mm B=76mm C=12mm D=23mm E=94mm, Helical Spring Seat
spf0438k SPF0438K A=25mm
spf0751k SPF0751K A=109mm B=74mm C=16.5mm D=5.5mm E=84mm, Groove on Spring Seat
spf0759k SPF0759K A=77mm B=50mm C=12mm D=16mm E=64.5mm
spf0851-5k SPF0851-5K A=94mm B=59.5mm C=12mm D=5.5mm E=70mm
spf0851k SPF0851K A=94mm B=59.5mm C=7mm D=5.5mm E=70mm
spf0853-10k SPF0853-10K A=116mm B=80mm C=10mm
spf0853-13k SPF0853-13K A=116mm B=80mm C=13mm
spf0853-6k SPF0853-6K A=116mm B=80mm C=6mm
spf0853-8k SPF0853-8K A=116mm B=80mm C=8mm
spf0962k SPF0962K A=160mm B=115mm C=30mm D=10mm E=120mm, Tapered ID
spf1028-5k SPF1028-5K A=105mm B=66mm C=8mm D=15.5mm E=72mm, Tapered Spigot
spf1028k SPF1028K A=105mm B=66mm C=3mm D=15.5mm E=72mm, Tapered Spigot
spf1183k SPF1183K A=126mm B=102mm C=6.5mm
spf1184k SPF1184K A=127mm B=91.5mm C=10mm D=6mm E=103mm, Cut-out on Large Diameter
spf1358-10k SPF1358-10K A=138mm B=33.8mm C=10mm
spf1358-6k SPF1358-6K A=138mm B=33.8mm C=6mm
spf1358-8k SPF1358-8K A=138mm B=33.8mm C=8mm
spf1724-10k SPF1724-10K A=188mm B=133mm C=10mm, 5mm deep , max. 177mm Spring OD
spf1724-15k SPF1724-15K A=188mm B=133mm C=15mm, 5mm deep , max. 177mm Spring OD
spf1724-20k SPF1724-20K A=188mm B=133mm C=20mm, 5mm deep , max. 177mm Spring OD
spf1724-30k SPF1724-30K A=188mm B=133mm C=30mm, 5mm deep , max. 177mm Spring OD
spf1725k SPF1725K A=160mm B=115mm C=20mm D=10mm E=120mm, Tapered ID
spf1726-5k SPF1726-5K A=160mm B=115mm C=5mm, Radius on Spring Seat
spf1726k SPF1726K A=160mm B=115mm C=10mm, Radius on Spring Seat
spf1734k SPF1734K A=170mm B=115mm C=15mm D=10mm E=125mm
spf1735-30k SPF1735-30K A=108mm B=65mm C=30mm
spf1736-15k SPF1736-15K A=180mm B=120mm C=15mm D=15mm E=140mm
spf1736-30k SPF1736-30K A=180mm B=120mm C=30mm D=15mm E=140mm
spf1736-5k SPF1736-5K A=180mm B=120mm C=5mm D=15mm E=140mm
spf1996-10k SPF1996-10K A=160mm B=65mm C=10mm
spf1996-30k SPF1996-30K A=160mm B=65mm C=30mm
spf2157k SPF2157K A=125mm B=83mm C=7mm D=14mm E=97mm
spf2158k SPF2158K A=78mm B=42mm C=5mm D=13mm E=52mm, Radius on ID
spf2283-10k SPF2283-10K A=101mm B=52.6mm C=20mm D=31.5mm E=70.4mm, Helical Spring Seat
spf2283-20k SPF2283-20K A=101mm B=52.6mm C=20mm D=31.5mm E=70.4mm, Helical Spring Seat
spf2327-5k SPF2327-5K A=94mm B=67-85.5mm C=12mm D5.5mm E=72mm Helical Spring Seat & Tapered ID
spf2327k SPF2327K A=94mm B=67-85.5mm C=7mm D5.5mm E=72mm Helical Spring Seat & Tapered ID
spf2364-30k SPF2364-30K A=170mm B=69-116mm C=30mm D=20mm E=123mm, Helical Spring Seat & Tapered ID
spf2365-10k SPF2365-10K A=164mm B=127.5mm C=10mm
spf2365-5k SPF2365-5K A=164mm B=127.5mm C=5mm
spf2498k SPF2498K A=165mm B=128.7mm C=5.5mm D=13.5mm E=138mm, Helical Spring Seat
spf2690-15k SPF2690-15K A=101.5mm B=76-63.5mm C=48mm D=20.5mm E=75-68mm
spf2690-25k SPF2690-25K A=101.5mm B=76-60mm C=48mm D=20.5mm E=75-68mm
spf2690-48k SPF2690-48K A=101.5mm B=76-52mm C=48mm D=20.5mm E=75-68mm