Universal Camber Adjustment Bolts

SPC's EZ Cam bolts offer a patent designed, cost effective, and simple one-person job to adjust your camber +/- 1.75 degrees. Featuring a Hex Chromate free finish to avoid any embrittlement issues and keeping the bolt environmentally friendly. Competitors bolts last around 20 hours in a salt spray test. SPC's EZ Cam bolts remained strong 700 hours into the test.

EZ Cam bolts are easy to install. Just remove the upper bolt, install the EZ Cam bolt and dial in your desired setting. Available in several sizes, SPC's EZ Cam bolt kits feature two complete bolt setups and can be installed in under half an hour a side. Choose from the sizes below to fit your needs.

Utilize SPC's EZ Sizer Magnet to quickly determine which bolt you need!
Pair that with the SPC Magnetic Camber Gauge allowing you to watch the camber change as you roll the EZ cam bolt.

SPC Camber Alignment Bolt

Image Part Number Total Length Camber Adjustment Thread Pitch Bolt Size
SPC 81240 Universal Alignment Bolt SPC-81240 2.4 in
+/- 1.75 M8 10mm
SPC 81250 Universal Alignment Bolt SPC-81250 2.565 in
+/- 1.75 M10 12mm
SPC 81260 Universal Alignment Bolt SPC-81260 2.765 in
+/- 1.75 M12 14mm
SPC 81270 Universal Alignment Bolt SPC-81270 2.813 in
+/- 1.75 M12 15mm
SPC 81280 Universal Alignment Bolt SPC-81280 3.152 in
+/- 1.75 M14 16mm
SPC 81290 Universal Alignment Bolt SPC-81290 3.212 in
+/- 1.75 M14 17mm