dkv003 | Universal Flange Bushings - Kevlar Infused Polyurethane

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  • dkv003 Universal Flange Bushings - Kevlar Infused Polyurethane
  • dkv003 Universal Flange Bushings - Kevlar Infused Polyurethane
  • dkv003 Universal Flange Bushings - Kevlar Infused Polyurethane
  • dkv003 Universal Flange Bushings - Kevlar Infused Polyurethane
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Universal Flange Bushings - Kevlar Infused Polyurethane

Manufacturer: DST
Part Number: dkv003
Price: $14.20

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dkv003 | Universal Flange Bushings - Kevlar Infused Polyurethane

Outer Diameter (Bushing) Inner Diameter (Bushing) Length (Outer Tube) Length (Inner Sleeve) Fastener Bolt Diameter
29.37 mm 19.05 mm 26.19 mm 34.93 mm 14.29 mm
1.150 Inch 0.750 Inch 1.030 Inch 1.370 Inch 0.560 Inch
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Kevlar-Infused Polyurethane Universal Flange Bushings

DST's Kevlar-infused polyurethane universal flange bushings have an 80A durometer which will give your vehicle a balance of high durability and quieter ride. Flange bushings are sleeve type bushings with a flange or shoulder on one end. This flange serves multiple functions such as assisting in alignment and mounting of the bushing and it can also help with ease of installation. The kevlar in these bushings is similar to rebar in concrete, it reinforces an already tough material to make it more durable and strong. These bushings have a much higher tensile strength, are impervious to tears, more heat resistant and have a higher compression load allowing you to haul heavier loads.

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It's as Simple as 1,2,3

First get your caliper out and measure the length of the housing where the bushing will go inside; this won't give you total length just the length of the part of the bushing that will be inside the housing.

Second you will need the outer diameter of the bushing. If you don't have the OE bushing to measure that's okay you can simply measure the inner diameter of the housing you are working with.

Third the sleeve length, this will be the total length of the bushing you need including the flange, so you'll need to measure the total length of the inner sleeve.

*You need to find a bushing that is either the exact measurement or slightly bigger, (no more than half a millimeter) so it will fit snug.

Covered for Life

This part will come with four half bushings and two steel inner sleeves, making two complete bushings. Using a split design, we have made these bushings for an easy install, simply put half of the bushing on one side, and the other half on the other side, then slide your steel sleeve through.

Here at DST we want you to be able to get your vehicle back on the road quickly and confidently, so not only do we handle all Lifetime Warranties in-house, but we personally stand behind them. If you have any questions about this part please give our expert customer service team a call or live chat with them.

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question_answer Customer Questions and Answers

What is the benefits of this Kevlar infused bushing over the normal polyurethane?
The Kevlar infused poly provides the best balance between daily driver feel and the race car performance, along with greater durability. By weaving Kevlar into the polyurethane it increases the tensile strength, heat resistance, and tear resistance o of the bushing. the Kevlar provides the strength of poly but with out the great increase of Noise Vibration and Hardness that normal poly provides. ...see more