kf04058bk | Body Mount Kit | Ford F250 - F350 Super Duty 1999-2007

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  • kf04058bk Body Mount Bushings Kit w/ Hardware - Super Duty
  • kf04058bk Body Mount Bushings Kit w/ Hardware - Super Duty
  • kf04058bk Body Mount Bushings Kit w/ Hardware - Super Duty
  • kf04058bk Body Mount Bushings Kit w/ Hardware - Super Duty
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Body Mount Bushings Kit w/ Hardware - Super Duty

Manufacturer: Daystar
Part Number: kf04058bk
Price: $259.99

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FitmentBody Mount Bushings Kit w/ Hardware - Super Duty kf04058bk fits these vehicles:

kf04058bk | Body Mount Kit | Ford F250 - F350 Super Duty 1999-2007

Body Mounts + Hardware 99-07 Ford F250 | F350

Polyurethane Body Mounts from Daystar will fit your 1999-2007 Ford F250 or F350 and replace the vulnerable rubber body mounts which can become deformed with excessive wear and exposure to the elements.If you've noticed that the pinstripe running down the side of your F250 jumps between the cab and the bed then the body mount bushings are probably shot. Whether you're taking your boat out to the lake every weekend, or make your living hauling hay on 40-foot gooseneck trailers, your body mounts are taking a lot of punishment. Daystar's body mount bushings are made to last and now you can replace the hardware along with the bushings all with one kit and upgrade the longevity of your body to frame alignment. All hardware included for F250 and 350...

    • Regular Cab
    • Crew Cab
    • Super Cab
complete body mount kit f250-f350 These polyurethane bushings are not the same size as your originals because they are not compressed by the weight of the truck after installation like rubber bushings.
worn ford oe body mount

Replace Your Body Mounts

Body Mounts keep your cab and bed aligned with the frame of your truck and absorb the vibrations between the road and the cab of your Ford. The OE rubber bushings that come from the factory are great at soaking up the vibrations but they do this by flexing which begins to wear them out. This can cause your cab or bed to sag and make your doors and hood harder to close since they're misaligned because of the body sag. Besides wear, there are other factors that shorten the lifespan of rubber bushings like motor chemicals, road salt, coastal climate, and more. You could get more OE rubber bushings but they will eventually wear out like the originals and that means another replacement in the future. If you want to replace those bushings just once and not worry about it for the life of your truck then Daystar's Body Mounts and Hardware Kit is just what you're looking for.

Made in the USA Upgrade

These body mounts are Made in the USA with Daystar's special blend of polyurethane which is much more durable than the rubber mounts that were originally installed on your Ford. Impervious to the elements that degrade rubber, these poly bushings also maintain their shape much better and longer than your original mounts. Since polyurethane won't compress to the extent that rubber will these mounts can take much more of a beating and won't begin to degrade or crush with wear and age. If the body bolts and other hardware holding the mounts to the frame and bed are looking rusted or corroded this kit will completely replace all of it down to the last washer.Daystar provides a Lifetime Warranty on this kit and DST will handle any issues for you in-house, so you can rest assured that you're getting a great part with great service to back it up. So whether your Ford is for work or play, these mounts will keep your body aligned with the frame much longer than rubber replacements.

99-18 f250-f350 body mounts
Daystar kf04058bk

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Daystar kf04058bk

5 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews. Write a Review


starstarstarstarstar" Poor quality control of manufactured body mount threaded washers "

After researching Daystar mounting hardware they apparently have an issue with the manufacturing of the body mount threaded washers. While attempting to torque the threaded washers and bolts within the range of Daystar instructions 5 of the 8 washers broke prior to 50 lbs and the package was missing 4 of 8 lower body mounts required to complete the job, as a result, old OEM parts were used put the truck together to get it out of the shop until it can be fixed. Daystar needs to have better quality control to ensure the proper products and quality of product to ensure the safety of the motoring public. Editors Note: This customer had an issue with the washer/nut assemblies. The welds were not good and the nut broke away from the washer. We have sent out replacements and Daystar is looking into the issue.

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . Daystar kf04058bk - 5 out of 5

starstarstarstarstar_border" Excellent value compared to OEM bushings! "

The OEM product was not a choice for replacing. The only issue I had was with the position 4 hardware mount breaking when I was tightening it down with the pneumatic.

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . Daystar kf04058bk - 4 out of 5

starstarstarstarstar" Good Kit -- solved the problem. "

I had a pretty "squeeky" cab on my 2011 F250 -- one look at the body mounts and it was clear what the problem was. The factory rubber mounts had rotted away -- bought this kit with hardware because it was the polyurethane material. Installation is easy - I had to drill out the threaded spacers and use my factory bolts because the bolts provided did not fit -- but that was no big deal. It solved the problem. Driving review is that these are a bit stiffer than the rubber ones -- some extra vibration in the cab is noticeable, but slight.

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . Daystar kf04058bk - 5 out of 5
Fitment for kf04058bk

question_answer Customer Questions and Answers

I want to be a 100% sure what body mount kit is correct for my truck, i have a ford f250 super duty (2011) 2wd
The body mount bushing kits we show to be fitted for your truck are: Daystar KF04050BK, KF04050KV or KF04058BK all of these kits show fitment for your vehicle.

does this kit come with new nuts or just the bolts and washers?
Part number KF04058BK will include the hardware for install as well as the radiator support bushings and the cab bushings needed for a crew cab and standard pickup.

I have a 2011 f350 crew cab and 2008 f450 crew cab. I am needing full set of cab mounts and hardware for both trucks.
The kf04058bk is fitted for the 2011 F350 pickup, it will include the hardware for install as well as the radiator support bushings and the cab bushings needed for a crew cab and standard pickup

will the part kf04058bk fit a 2005 Ford F-250 Crewcab super duty diesel?
It sure will!

Will part number kf04058bk come with all the bushings and hardware for the cab and bed?
No, kit number kf04058bk will come with the bushings and hardware for the cab only. We do not sell any mounts or hardware for the bed.