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Master Bushing Kit
Part Number: kit5238k
Manufacturer: SuperPro

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Accept Terms (3-6 weeks)
Rear Master Bushings Kit
Part Number: kit5238rk
Manufacturer: SuperPro

For Track Use Only

Front Lower Torque Arm Insert
Part Number: spf2861-80k
Manufacturer: SuperPro

  • OEM Arm Part Number: 1K0199867A Fast Road Use
  • Torque Arm Lower Bushing Insert

Front Motor Torque Arm Insert - Street
Part Number: spf3365-80k
Manufacturer: SuperPro

Requires 1 kit per vehicle

Front Lower Control Arm Bushings - Inner Position
Part Number: spf3346k
Manufacturer: SuperPro

  • Replaces OEM 1K0407182
  • Control Arm Lower - Inner Front Kit

Front Lower Control Arm Brackets and Bushings - Rear Position
Part Number: aloy3273-80k
Manufacturer: SuperPro
Front Lower Control Arms - Alloy
Part Number: aloy0001k
Manufacturer: SuperPro

Single Kit Contains 1 Left Arm, 1 Right Arm, 2 Brackets
Alloy - 44Percent lighter than OEM. Corrosion resistant.

Part Number: vw-control-arm-ball-joint-kit
Manufacturer: SuperPro
Front Sway Bar - 24mm Heavy Duty - 2 Point Adjustable- 2WD
Part Number: rc0005fz-24
Manufacturer: SuperPro

Fits 2WD Models only.

Rear Sway Bar - 22mm - 2 Point Adjustable - Heavy Duty - 2WD
Part Number: rc0005rz-22
Manufacturer: SuperPro

Fits 2WD Models Only.

Rear Sway Bar - 24mm
Part Number: rc0005rz-24
Manufacturer: SuperPro

  • Suits FWD Only
  • 24mm and nbsp;Heavy Duty 2 Position Blade Adjustable Sway Bar

Roll Center Adjusting Kit
Part Number: trc0003
Manufacturer: SuperPro

Includes 2 Ball Joints and 2 Locators


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