spf2699k | Front Steering Rack and Pinion Bushing | IS300 01-05

  • spf2699k 360image 1
  • spf2699k Front Steering Rack and Pinion Bushings
  • spf2699k Front Steering Rack and Pinion Bushings
  • spf2699k Front Steering Rack and Pinion Bushings
  • spf2699k Front Steering Rack and Pinion Bushings
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Front Steering Rack and Pinion Bushings

Manufacturer: SuperPro
Part Number: spf2699k
Price: $75.99

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  • Kits Required Per Vehicle: 1

  • In the box:
  • 5 Bushings
  • 2 Metal Sleeves
  • SuperPro parts are engineered and tested to stand up to the harshest conditions and use cases, so all SuperPro products are covered under warranty for off-road, racing, and motorsport applications, but some parts are covered for different time periods.

    For Bushings ('SPF' and some 'KIT') - Lifetime Warranty

    For Roll Control ('ALOY', 'RC', 'TRC' and 'DURO') - Three Year Warranty

    What is not covered:

    Installation damage or error, accident or impact damage, product finish and surface corrosion, and wear resulting from failure to align after installation.

    For more information contact our Customer Service folks.

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FitmentFront Steering Rack and Pinion Bushings spf2699k fits these vehicles:

spf2699k | Front Steering Rack and Pinion Bushing | IS300 01-05

  • Axle alignment required after fitting

Rack and Pinion Bushings from SuperPro

If you're steering column is producing some "clunking" or popping sounds, your steering wheel is loose or jerky, especially over bumps, then you may have worn out bushings in your rack and pinion setup. To fix these steering problems, or just sharpen up your current steering response, Superpro's Rack and Pinion Bushings can replace that worn out rubber and hold your steering components more securely.

polyurethane rack and pinion bushings
rack and pinion steering diagram

Worn Bushings can Affect Steering

Your rack and pinion is basically a gear that connects your steering wheel and tires. Since gears are designed to fit together precisely, if the bushings mounting those parts to the frame are loose then you can develop loose steering or 'bump steer'. Rubber bushings will begin to wear down over time plus other factors like exposure to engine oil or heat from the engine will break down the integrity of rubber bushings, compromising their ability to hold your steering rack in place.

* If there is any play in the u-joint connecting the steering coupler and the pinion, you can have similar symptoms to worn out rack and pinion bushings. If you do find some looseness, we offer Moog replacement u-joints to restore that steering wheel to rack connection.

Polyurethane Vs. Rubber

SuperPro manufactures their rack and pinion bushings with polyurethane, giving you a much stronger, longer lasting mount that will still absorb some of the vibration from the road to the steering wheel. Polyurethane doesn't flex like rubber, is much more resistant to heat, and is unaffected by oil, so it's lifespan is much longer. Polyurethane does allow more vibration from the road, but SuperPro's lifetime warranty, which includes 4x4 applications, means you don't have to worry about replacing these bushings again.

rack and pinion bushings from superpro
superpro polyurethane rack and pinion bushings

The SuperPro Difference

If you want to buy from a suspension component manufacturer with serious chops then SuperPro is a great brand to consider. With an emphasis on extensive research, SuperPro develops their parts from the ground up so you're not just getting a Polyurethane copy of a rubber OE component, but an application specific part. Based in Australia, they've been manufacturing suspension bushings since 1983 and they've tested their parts on some of the harshest terrain in the world.

So if you're looking for a solution to loose, noisy steering or want more response from your steering wheel then SuperPro rack and pinion bushings can replace those OE rubber components and will stick around for the life of your vehicle.

SuperPro spf2699k

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SuperPro spf2699k

5 out of 5 based on 4 user reviews. Write a Review


starstarstarstarstar" These are great! "

These bushings were super easy to install. I loved how they provided the assembly grease as well. It made the whole job so easy. Only took me about 30 minutes to take out the old bushings and get these new ones in here. As for steering response, nothing changed really, nothing noticeable, at least for me. But theres no movement in the rack and thats exactly what I wanted. I definitely recommend these to anyone who would like some nice-looking bushings and the benefit of having them. I daily drive my is300 and these are great!

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . SuperPro spf2699k - 5 out of 5

starstarstarstarstar" Fit perfectly "

Easy to install and definitely feel a big difference in the steering. I recommend these to anyone in the market for a set thanks for the awesome product guy keep up the good work.

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . SuperPro spf2699k - 5 out of 5

starstarstarstarstar" Quality product with good design "

The design of the product makes installation very easy without a shop press. I did the installation at home on floor jacks in about 2 hrs. The difficult part was getting the old steering rack bushings out.

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . SuperPro spf2699k - 5 out of 5

starstarstarstarstar" Very good item fits perfectly on a 1999 toyota Altezza "

It was very easy to install them, you will only struggle to take the oem from the rack. Now the steering fells firm and precise. I really recommend them. I fitted them on a 1999 toyota altezza

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . SuperPro spf2699k - 5 out of 5
Fitment for spf2699k
IS XE10 - 1999-2005
ALTEZZA GXE10 - 1999-2005
CHASER X100 - 1996-2002
CRESTA X100 - 1996-2002